Registry problems

Im getting this error "STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}"

I tried the ms knowledgebase fix but it didnt work. Also since I have access to another computer I have hooked my drive up as a slave. I'm currently in regedit right now. What do I do now?

btw this is a continuation of this thread

go there if you want to know what happened before this.
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  1. try this:
    Free registry clean-up software:
  2. It apparently doesn't allow registry cleanup of a slave drive.

    PS all my registry files are corrupt or unreadable except the .sav
  3. Try a Repair setup of Windows. Done on the original drive of course not the machine it's in now.
  4. I posted a message earlier but it must not have gone through. Anyways I said that trying a repair is what got me In this mess in the first place. I used repair and when the computer came back on It got accidently turned off in the middle of setup. I turned it back on and it kept going to "setup is restarting' and after that went onto a black screen with a cursor. A while after that I was able to skip that for some reason but the computer just said "STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}".

    once again this thread is a continuation of this thread
  5. The issue was not with a repair itself, it was with shutting off the PC while it was working on files. You want to run a full re-installation of Windows here, a registry cleaner won't do anything for corrupt files.
  6. Are you sure there is nothing that can be done? I dont want my program files(I only had enough space to backup my documents and my desktop). Also I have alot of programs that integrate themselves into the computer's "system" eg. microsoft word. Is this really my last option?
  7. A repair install many times breaks software that is installed anyway. If the system was shut off during the point where it was installing the OS. The register information is lost and what is left looks corrupted. There isn't any application that can rebuild it. You need to run a 2nd repair install and reinstall all your applications from source.
  8. Do you mean to do a repair again?
  9. yes you need to. And yes you will probably lose some applications. no worries, since you own then, just re install and reconfigure.
  10. I used repair option again but when It started up it said "setup is restarting" and brought me to a black screen with a responsive cursor. What should i do now?
  11. if you want to know the exact problem this sums it up exactly

    I attempted to do a Repair.

    I booted from the CD and chose the Recovery Console option. This
    dropped me into a command console environment, and asked me to select
    which paritition I wanted to repair and to provide my administrator
    password. Cool. No problem.

    Somewhere back in the recesses of my reptilian brainstem, I remembered
    reading somewhere that when you load this CD, you get the first

    To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

    And somewhere down this path, you get the choice to Repair the

    Well, I rebooted and when Prompted, I hit Enter
    I hit F8 to accept the license agreement
    I pressed 'R' to repair the selected windows installation.
    Windows Examined my disk.
    Windows did its thing and warned me that it was rebooting.

    When windows rebooted and dropped back to the *ahem* Repair, it LOOKED
    like it was going to reinstall the operating system. I freaked out
    and powered off the machine, and this, I think, was the real start of
    my problem.

    Now, every time I boot, I get a light blue screen with the
    wods.."Setup is being restarted" This lasts about 30 seconds,
    then I'm dropped into a blank, light blue screen with a big mouse
    cursor (which I can move around). I never get prompted for the CD.
    I've tried getting into Safe Mode and I cannot.

    This isnt mine but is my exact same problem.
  12. please any help at all...

  13. After you press Function 8 to accept the EULA, the repair option is only offers you use of Command Prompt so you can run DOS commands such as Checkdisk. To get to the repair installation stage, you proceed as though you're going to install then accept the second offer of repair - after the CD finds an existing installation.

  14. yes ive done that but when i get up to the part where the computer has to shut down and restart it freezes up on a black screen with a cursor. Thanks for the reply though.

  15. What is your BIOS setting for the first boot device?

  16. 1. cd
    3. hdd
    4. network (i cant remember exactly)

  17. Given taht CD is first device, could there be a disk in there which is being mistaken for a bootable disk?

  18. A Repair does re-install the OS to restore the files, so your shutting off the PC mid-way was in error. You may want to get a new hard-drive and start the whole setup from scratch.
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