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Hello Everyone,

I was looking to get some insight from you brainy users. I have had my internet hooked up through a router splitting to my Xbox 360 and PC. It has worked fine since setup and was working fine yesterday morning. Yesterday I ran out for about 2 hours to get some errands done and when I got back home my internet wasn't working. Both the router and modem only had power lights and the ethernet cable connection lights on. I thought there might have been an outtage in my area but it turns out it wasn't. When plugging my computer or xbox in directly to the modem my internet worked fine again. When hooking it up to the router I have no internet with the xbox and "limited connectivity" with my computer. Does this sound like a hiccup in my connections or the router? I rebooted both the modem and router to sync together properly and all the light are flashing as if internet traffic is crossing through both the modem and router but to no avail. In my network map it shows my router as an unidentified device, not sure if this was displaying anything else previous to the incident. Does this problem seem fixable? Or does it sound like my router has bit the dust? It is about 2 years old. I just want to narrow down all possibility before blowing another $50 on another router. Here are some specs to help.

Router: D-Link EBR-2310 (Wired)
Modem: Actiontec M1000
OS: Windows Vista

Thanks in advance for the help. This community has always been a great help.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that I had to change my router's IP address because the modem my ISP provides uses the same IP address as my router's default settings. Could an outtage or disconnect cause these things to change settings and conflict to not work?
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  1. Sounds like you need to try resetting (reset button) and then reconfiguring the router.
    Router manual will tell you how to accomplish this.
  2. I can't even access the router settings anymore and hard resets do nothing. Broken?
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