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I have a HP DV6000 laptop and want to replace the harddrive. I have purchased the Scorpio Blue sata 320gb (wd3200bevt) to do this.

The existing hdd is an 100gb sata 2.5 hdd from HP 431406-001

Upon removing the other hdd, i can see the connections are a sata rather than IDE, but they don't look the same - both hdd have a long section and smaller section of pins, but the scorpio hdd pins are in a block formation, whereas the other ar not in block (ie seperate pins)

I am very confused and don't want to open the packaging to try and install it if it's not correct - can you help me?

Sorry for being such a newbie here :-(


Sue :-)
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  1. Hi Sue,

    Take a look at NewEgg's photo image of the WD 3200bevt 2 1/2" drive. It shows you clearly the 2 sections for the 7 pin data port and 15 pin power port. They look standard and normal to me.

    I can't find a picture of your HP 431406 laptop drive, but take it out of the laptop, and compare the connectors to the connector end of the NewEgg photo. If they look the same, it will work.

    The positioning of the data and power pins for SATA drives is standard. Haven't seen them any other way.

    But that doesn't mean HP hasn't put a key and slot into their laptop drives so only their drives will fit into their laptops.

    Take a very careful look at both, from the connector end of the drives and if they look the same, they will connect.

    Also measure the "height" of the HP drive. The WD drive is 9 mm high. There are some 2 1/2" drives that are higher but I can't image it won't just slip into the laptop slot.
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