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I am not computer savvy so excuse the noob question, but what does Core 0 and Core 1 mean. When I am playing COD at full blast core 0 and core 1 go to about 75-83c but Core says its around 53-55c. Which temperature is the right one? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It means you have a dual core CPU... COD is using only one of the cores (the hotter one), which is why one core is hotter than the other. Both temperatures are correct.
  2. What kind of CPU do you have? List system specs? Probably what NavySEALBrian said, a dual core CPU.
  3. My CPU is an intel core 2 duo e7500
    gigabyte ga ep45 udr3
    4gb of ram
    evga gtx 260 896mb
    600w psu
    If I have dual core then why is there 3 cores listed on speedfan?

    This is the first pc I ever built, to be honest I am shocked that it even booted, so I am kind of paranoid at the moment about stuff blowing up or melting :|
  4. One core might be your GPU core, it lists my 8400GS as a "core" also. Like I said try CoreTemp or RealTemp.
  5. two different sensors here
    CPU temp - Thermal Diode in the metal CPU shroud (TCase)
    Core temp - sensor built-in to the CPU core itself (TJunction)

    tcase is always higher than TJunction, in your case 80ish vs 55, google -core2 tcase tjunction- should give you all the info you need

  6. Thanks for all the info guys, I really appreciate it.
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