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My RocketRAID 4322 has a burnt out component and no longer works. Although it's under warranty, Highpoint are taking their sweet time at answering my online ticket.
I had 8 disks on RAID 1 + 0 but don't remember how I configured the RAID card.
What do I do now? If I buy another RAID card then will it be able to access the data on the 8 discs or do I have to take the drive enclosure to data recovery specialists?
To prevent this in the future should I buy 2 identical RAID cards?
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  1. I would try contacting Rocketraid support ... worth a shot
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    Don't know about Highpoint, but most raid controllers from the same vendor will store the configuration on the drive as well as on the RAID card. When you first set up the new raid card, there should be an option to use the drive configuration. (Do Not Initialize the drives or clear the configuration!)
  3. hubbardt said:
    I would try contacting Rocketraid support ... worth a shot

    For what it's worth, HighPoint's web support isn't working currently. I've been trying to get in touch with them for awhile now about their 2300 card and have been unsuccessful.
  4. Fortunately, Gatorbait was correct. All I had to do was insert the replacement card, attach the SAS cables to the drive enclosure and when I started everything, the RAID array was there, as if nothing had ever happened! Phew! Now I'm doing a daily backup of the RAID array to a regular drive in case the new card fails.
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