After post the computer pauses for 2 minutes before checking memory

When I turn on my computer, it posts, pauses for 2 minutes and 10 seconds, then checks memory and continues to boot properly. It does this on every boot regardless of whether it is coming out of hibernation or cold boot or restart. Has anyone else seen this particular problem before?
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  1. What motherboard and what are your BIOS settings? Is Quick boot enabled? Did you set a delay to detect IDE disks? Does it try to boot from the LAN before booting from the hard disk?
  2. What motherboard - answer – Gigabyte 8ipe1000

    What are your BIOS settings? - Answer - normal
    Is Quick boot enabled? - Answer - Not available
    Did you set a delay to detect IDE disks? - Answer - no
    Does it try to boot from the LAN before booting from the hard disk? - Answer - no
  3. Any error message displayed while waiting for over 2 minutes? Does it boot from the main BIOS? Did you try to reset the BIOS to the optimized defaults (after documenting your customized settings)?
  4. No error messages. I turn on the power, it beeps one short beep, and then there is 2 minutes of black screen until it stsrts counting up memory and continues to boot with no further problems. Yes, I reset the BIOS to defaults a couple of times with no change and yes I made sure it was booting from the main bios not the backup bios (seeing as how it has dual bios) but niehter made any differnce at all. I have swapped power supplys, exchanged the memory nad even tried a different processor but nothing has made any difference.
  5. Disconnect all peripherals (hard disk, DVD-ROM, etc.) to see if it makes a difference. If it does, then determine which one is causing the delay.
  6. My computer paused for 4 minutes before doing the memory check
    Had to remove the battery and all devices that had power like usb external power too.
    powered the system down removed the power cord and waited for 10 minutes.
    for all power to drain from the computer.
    this completly defaulted the bios and went back to manufactures default.
    it got rid of the 4 minute wait i had in it.
    but I did flash the bios first to make sure no virouses was in it
    works good now
    hope this helps
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