How do I share a cd drive with autoplay in xp

I am trying to have autoplay on a shared mapped drive.
I ahve tried on both cd and a normal shared folder none of which work.

On the normal cd drive the auto play works fine only on the shared drives I am having problems
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  1. shared network drivers are considered hard drives, there's no autoplay feature for those.

    if you want the window to pop up at the time you log into your machine, just place a shortcut to those drives in the startup folder in start menu.
  2. All off the tutorials I have seen have a setting for to turn hard disk autoplay on/off which makes think it is possible.

    Will have a look and see if I can find any programs that can do it
  3. I have just found this

    AutoRun-compatible drivers are provided with some floppy disk drives, as well as some other types of removable media such as CompactFlash cards. AutoRun also works with network drives that are mapped to a drive letter with Windows Explorer or mounted with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). As with mounted hardware, a mounted network drive must have an Autorun.inf file in its root directory, and must not be disabled through the registry.
  4. hmm, I suppose that's possible, I'm not sure at which point windows would read those, unless you actively mapping drives after logging in...
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