I7 870 overclock bios pics help?

(AM I UNDER VOLTING THE CPU OR CAN THIS BE FINE)? so i have it clocked at 4.0ghz but i didnt mess with the voltage much..i have bennd running it like this for about a week. i got a blue screen once but it was while the computer was at idle,, but i have tested it with my game full out..i get a load temp of 65c/70c...but i have not seen a blue screen in a couple days now it seems stable but i fear im undervolting

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  1. You really need to read proper guides. Stressing the processor with a "game" is not an accurate stress test. Prime 95 will MAX your CPU out.

    Are you running an aftermarket cooler? Go find a guide to read on OCing i7s.

    If you got temps of 65-70 while running a game then you should reset your OC to stock. A game will generally not load the processor up very much depending on the game, if you attempt to run Prime95 I'm afraid the cores will reach 80/90/100'C. The temps you have know are at the max you would want to go, yet you are not loading the processor up.

    Reset your OC back to stock before you damage your system.

    If you find a proper guide it will tell you how you pick a voltage an co. This is the way you OC.

    Good Luck!
  2. ive done many test not just a game and fsx will bring any cpu to its knees
  3. You did not make it clear that you had used a stress testing program. I am unsure about OCCTs functionality as I have never used it but Prime95 and LinX are great.

    Just because FSX is CPU limited does not mean it will load the processor to its full amount. It barely loads the processor at all especially with HT. Also Prime95 loads the CPU to "100%" yet LinX still loads it more and raises the temps 5'C or so above P95.

    To check for stability and to find your lowest possible voltage, stress the current OC which you seem to have done and it appears stable. Then lower the voltage a bit and retest for 30 min or so. Lower it until you blue screen, then raise it until you can stress for around 3 hours.

    Hope that helps.
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