Installing my old hard drive into my new pc

I have a fairly new pc, about 3 months old. Obviously it is running windows vista. I cannot get vista to properly run some of my programs. What I want to do is use my old hard drive that runs xp as the MAIN hd. And use the vista one as a secondary hd. How can I transfer my xp hd to the new pc, and use it as the main one. So when i use my pc, it boots up with xp and not vista?
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  1. I had this experience recently with my new Win7 install.

    I installed Win7 on a new HDD, then plugged in my old XP HDD. The first time I turned the PC on with both HDDs installed, XP was the OS that loaded. I was actually surprised that it booted.

    If you do install HDDs with different OSs, your initial startup screen should bring up an option along the lines of [Boot Menu - Fxx], where Fxx will be an F-key.
  2. I think The Lady Slayer has the same hardware configuration on both HDD's. It appears you are trying to use your HDD from a different computer altogether. Useless the two computers are virtually identical this will not work due to hardware compatibility.
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