(AM I UNDER VOLTING THE CPU OR CAN THIS BE FINE)? so i have it clocked at 4.0ghz but i didnt mess with the voltage much..i have bennd running it like this for about a week. i got a blue screen once but it was while the computer was at idle,, but i have tested it with my game full out..i get a load temp of 65c/70c...but i have not seen a blue screen in a couple days now it seems stable but i fear im undervolting

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  1. Run OCCT or Prime95 or Intel Burn Test to see if it's stable. If it doesn't pass then you need to do a little more work in the Bios. Watch your temps too.
  2. im worried of the volts being as that there lower then most people ive seen running at 4ghz (20x-200) dont want to stress test until i know my voltages are in the proper ballpark..could under voltage damage stuff?
  3. It can make it unstable, like giving you BSOD's when your computer is at idle. Stress it and find out.
  4. should i bring the volts up first and then test
  5. Looks good, temps are fine, voltage is fine. You really need to let it run for the whole hour, but it looks good.

    You need to set your PCIE to 100.

    If it BSOD's again just give the vcore one bump up.
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