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How do I remove the password from my computer?
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  1. What operating system are you running?
  2. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> User Accounts >> Select User >> Change your Password >> in 1st Box Enter your Current password.

    If you want set another Password then type this in New Password & Current Password.
    or if you don't want the password for Login then After entering Current Password Directly Press Enter or Click on Change Password.

    thats it !!!!
  3. 1)How to Efficiently Remove Vista Password?
    remove vista password

    2)Must-have Knowledge about Windows Vista Password Cracker
    crack vista password

    3)How to Crack Windows 7 Password by yourself?
    crack window 7 password

    a. Insert a blank CD into accessible computer’s drive. Launch Windows 7 Password Cracker after you download and setup it.

    b. Choose "reset Windows local account password". And specify the target device.

    c. Click "burn" to start the password reset CD creation. It will take a few minutes.

    Part II: Reset Windows 7 password

    a. Insert this CD on the second computer, and start it with this CD.

    b. You will enter the main interface of Windows 7 Password Recovery. Specify the Windows installation, and highlight the user account you want to reset password.

    c. Click "reset" and then click "Yes" in the next popup. Your Windows 7 password has been removed.

    d. Click "reboot" to restart your computer.
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