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My motherboard model is MSI 890fxa-gd70 and supports "1333Mhz, 1600Mhz (OC)". I bought 2x2GB G.Skill DDR3 1600Mhz RAM and it is currently "underclocked" at 1333Mhz. How would I go about overclocking it to 1600? Would I have to change the FSB? Or just manually set the RAM speed in Bios without overclocking at all? Also, will this lower the life expectancy of any of my parts? Thanks.
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  1. Check the specs and then match them in the bios (speed, timings, voltages...)
  2. and will this actually overclock anything?
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    If it is the ripjaws series then I have the same with a msi 870 and it took me some time to get it to actually run at 1600. It would always boot but never make it more than 2 secs in prime95 which im sure would crash doing some random task later on. I finally found the correct clocks hidden in a bunch of menus of info about the ram, listed under the xmp details. Ill list what I have but you may look to see what yours says if its a different series.

    tlc - 9
    trcd - 9
    trp - 9
    tras - 24
    trfc - 88 (i think the lowest my settings went was 90 so i think its still on auto)
    twr - 12
    twtr - 6
    trrd - 5
    trtp - 6
    if its not listed its still on auto :??:

    then the dram freq ratio is 1:4 to make 1600

    Try that first and if it fails up the volts once. I had to up mine once to 1.536 for it to be stable
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