WD500AAKS Issue

I have 20 WD500AAKS drives installed on 20 exact machines. All new the first 2 weeks in April. In the last week I have had 2 of these drives on different machined die> Any ideas?
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  1. I have 4 WD internal drives including a WD320AAKS which is over 3 years old, 4 external WD in enclosures some of which are over 3 years old, the newest over 1 year.
    I have had a number of other WD's over a 20 year period and have not had one die.
    I still have some old 80 GB's drives I removed and even a 40 GB that still work.
    So either you have been unlucky or these pc's sustained a hard jolt while they were working, like someone or something banging into them.
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