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Hi I'm having trouble with my new computer I recently put together (first time builder), I believe its the mobo. I put it all together, and loaded my old hard drive with win xp on it, and once I get to the desktop, the mouse and keyboard don't work. So I do the obvious thing and try different usb ports (i tried all 10) and none of them work. So then I think it's a problem with the usb ports themselves. However I notice they read devices in the bios such as my keyboard and the flash drive I used to update my bios with.
So I figure it might be a bad xp install or something. So I try a windows xp repair. When it gets to the part of the repair called "installing devices" a message pops up:

The software you are installing for this hardware:

Intel (R) ICH10 family usb universal host controller - (port id, it did this for all the usb ports) has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with windows xp.

The rest of the message is just a warning that if you continue it might impare the operation of the system.
So next I try I total hard drive wipe and a clean install, and again it stops at the "installing devices" part of it, only it freezes the whole computer this time and I'm forced to reboot, and it continues the xp install and freezes again, and so forth.

Here are my specs:

Motherboard - Gigabyte EP45 UD3L
CPU - Intel core 2 duo e8400
2gb ram
Grapthics - are also off my old computer, a very ancient asus x1600 (which I plan to replace :P )

I've reached the conclusion that it could only be the mobo, however as it is my first build I thought you guys might be of help :) Thanks in advance.
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  1. Oh, also the power supply is a cooler master 500w
  2. goofball1549 said:
    I put it all together, and loaded my old hard drive with win xp on it,

    So are you saying you took an old harddrive already loaded with WinXP and just put it in your new computer? If so, that is likely your problem. Changing motherboards with new chipsets usually makes the computer angry. Best bet would be to backup all your personal files and reinstall windows. Should take care of your problem.
  3. you should really do a fresh install of windows when you change motherboards (more specifically the chipset)

    it could be loading the wrong drivers of the new chipset and that would cause windows to not be able to use the keyboard/mouse
  4. Yeah at first I just stuck the old hard drive in there with windows xp on it, but then realized it didn't work so I formatted and did a clean install, and thats where I got that error message about the microsoft logo testing.
  5. Wow, look at me paying attention since it appears you already did that. I guess my other thought would be that maybe there is another device that you have that may be faulty? Do you have any other devices in the computer besides cpu, mobo, ram, hdd, cdrom and vid card? Try taking them out to see if that takes care of the issue. Maybe run memtest86+ or see if there is a program that can scan your harddrive for any issues.
    I have seen some other people stating they have had the same problem while trying to do a repair, but it generally works fine when they do a clean install.

    Also if you have an IDE/SATA cable for the cdrom and hdd try using a different one, maybe the cable is bad.
  6. All I have for hardware is the stuff you listed. As for the memtest86+ , how do I go about doing that? I google'd it and found the website to dl it, here's the link of it:

    I then extracted it and saved that to a usb flash drive and put it in a port, when it got to the logo/post screen I pressed f12 to change the boot device, and there were 4 options labelled USB - zip, USB - FDD, USB - HDD and USB - CDROM. I tried all 4 but it just goes to the xp load screen to continue with my install, not sure why it's not booting off it.

    And I'll try the sata cables etc. I'm off to work so I'll check back later.
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