Exact problem of GTX 295

i intend to buy a GTX 295 but my friends keep telling me that card is problematic and also i have read some forums about having difficulties running that card. i am changing my old card which is 3870X2 OC MSI so what is the best option?
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  1. Depends, whats your PSU and your motherboard?

    you ran an ATI card at first and your switching to a 295.
  2. PSU is corsair HX620W

    Mobo is Asus Maximus Extreme
  3. Your PSU is not adequite enough to run the card.

    **Minimum 680W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 46A)*

    You fall below the wattage requirement and you have multiple 18a 12v rails to.

    This should do the job.

    I would personally go higher 1-1.2KW just to be safe and have sufficient power for expansion.

    As far as problems go, I have read about heat problems mostly, make sure your cooling is in order and be prepared to install high CFM fans to expel heat from the card. There may be other problem related to drivers and blurring image quality that is usually associated with dual chip cards.

    You may want measure the space in your case for installing the card too.
  4. You need a very big hi-res monitor to even consider using a GTX 295 .

    Its the card nVidia mark just so they can say they make the fastest card ... not because anyone actually needs it
  5. could you give me some other brands because silverstone is not available in the philippines. the brands we know are antec, corsair, thermaltake, gigabyte etc.
  6. Corsair.

    GTX 295 - 750w and up.
  7. fullmetall said:

    GTX 295 - 750w and up.

    I have the GTX295 from the date it released Jan 8 with a corsair HX620W and I do not have any problems, is very stable and extremely fast (as expected).

    The whole system use 470-500W at full load (CPU + GPU).

    This card needs recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 46 Amp Amps and Corsair HX620W have 50 Amp Amps so it is more than fine.

    hentaiboi_ do not listen to this people, the Corsair HX620W is capable for a GTX295.
  8. to hentaiboi
    if you have money go for it, GTX 295 is great card and I have heard too that good, reliable 620-650Watt PSU is OK and your Corsair definitely is that case.

    to outlander_04
    who needs that GPU? GTX295 is more or less SLI GTX 260 oced (or SLI GTX 280 crippled). On this forum you can find many guys running SLI GTX 260/280/285 or 2/3 CF 4870 and nobody tell them that they don’t need it…
    I remember when 4870x2 was launched last year (very expensive that time) many have been singing chorals how amazing this GPU. What is the difference?
  9. hentaboi

    If antec is available 650 or 850 should be sufficient.
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