HT | OMEGA CLARO Plus+ 7.1, worth getting?

Hi everyone! I'm planning on building a computer pretty soon, and right now I'm looking into sound cards. I have been looking at the HT | OMEGA CLARO Plus+ 7.1 since it's got some pretty good reviews. However, I will only be using a 5.1 system, so people have told me that it might not be worth getting and I should just stick with onboard, which is the ADI AD2000B. Right now I have a Z-5300, but I'm might be thinking of upgrading to an optical set in the future (Z-5500?). So my question is will the sound card make a big difference, and in your opinion, is it worth getting? Thanks :)
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  1. The sound difference will be minimal with PC speakers which are fair at best. A decent sub $100 card would give the audible boost with those speakers. Also there is no sound quality difference between the Z5300s and the Z5500s, as the Z5300s are a set of the same speakers with less features, such as digital conversion.
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