Looking for alow profile VRM heatsink

Can anyone help me out on this one. I just got the Turbo Cooler fro Atric Cooling and I am looking for a nice VRM heatsink now, something like Powercolor has implemented on their card

I need it to be a low profile so it can fit under the GPU heatsink. The heatsinks that come with the Twin Turbo

are small and they do not disipate the heat fast enough, so when I OC the GPU to 820, in furmark althought GPU temp goes only to 69 the VRM temp can reach 129, which is a bit scary.

In regular games VRM tops at 105C and GPU at 60C

So any other suggestions will be appreciated. Also if someone has done a custom cooling on their powercolor card I am willing ot pay and by your old VRM heatsink .

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  1. Solved the problem. I just used the stock VRAM heatsink from my HIS HD4870 1GB card

    I just had to bend a little some of the Twin Turbo Heatsink fins so I can fit the VRM heatsink fins between the GPU Heatsink fins.

    One think that everyone there should look out when implementing Aftermarket cooling is the cooling for the VRMs especially if you are overclocking.

    Now my VRM temps when playing at full load and 75oMHz stock clock went from 95C to 85C. I will post my temps at 820MHz and higher once the thermal paste settles in a little. I'll also do some furmark testing too.

  2. How do you check vrm temps? Is there really a program for that?
  3. Yes, use GPU-Z http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/
    Most of the people with freezes and BSOD issues might occur due to high temps on thei VRMs especially those guys that OC their cards.
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