Pc is too hot-do i add more cooling, power supply?

Hi everyone, I have a new Gateway LX6810 & this weekend I added 2 additional hard drives (the 1 TB WD Black drives). As I suspected, it's running very hot. The drives (which you can touch through the bay door) are hot to the touch & the back of the cpu is hot to the touch. I definitely want to do whatever is needed to keep the pc safe. Do I need more cooling, a better power supply, both ... what do you recommend? Can you send me links for the exact parts you recommend from newegg.com? I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

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P.S. Should I stop running the pc until I get this done? Am I damaging it by letting it run this hot?
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  1. Did you install the drives in the hot swappable bay or the internal slots?

    It appears that there are spots for a 80mm fan in the front (might be 60mm, it's hard to tell from the picture) and a 120mm fan in the back. FSP make decent power supplies so I'm sure it's fine, hard drives don't use a huge amount of power anyway. You could buy a couple fans and I'm sure it will help a little with the temps but your hard drives won't be significantly cooler without air blowing directly on them. It might not be a bad idea to replace that duct and the stock CPU cooler with a tower cooler and a good 120mm fan on it and in the back case position. A tower cooler would suck warm air away from the hard drive bay area and help cool them.

    Something like this
    Don't forget this
    and one of these for you back fan
  2. If there's space for a 80mm fan as suggested then certainly adding one in front of those HDDs will help.
    But even without cooling HDDs have no problem running in the high 50s C (hot to touch, but not burning) for 24/7 operation.
  3. wuzy said:
    If there's space for a 80mm fan as suggested then certainly adding one in front of those HDDs will help.
    But even without cooling HDDs have no problem running in the high 50s C (hot to touch, but not burning) for 24/7 operation.

    I agree but if you look at the link he provided the fan spot is below all the hard drive slots. Air from the fan will just blow underneath the drives and not really help with their cooling.
  4. I would check the specs on the PSU as well it might be over loaded, but get some more fans in there.
  5. The drives are installed in the front hot swappable bays. With this being a new computer & so much hard drive storage, I sure don't want to see it overheat & crash on me. So if these are the parts that will cool it down, sounds good to me. One more question, though - is it safe to leave it running for now? It would be a week or two before I could get the additional cooling in. Thanks for your help!
  6. Yeah you do need an 120 fan in the back to pull out the hot air. I don't understand why it didn't come with atleast an 80mm for the rear..
  7. if ur into modding cut a hole in the top of the case and install a 120 mm to suck air out the top , worked 4 me
  8. You should be fine to run it a couple weeks like that. At least get a 120mm fan for the back while your waiting to buy the other parts though.

    I do agree with the other poster though about getting some ventilation out the top. Heat rises and for some reason with that case it appears that not only didn't they design any form of ventilation into the top of it but the way they have the PSU mounted leaves a dead space above it for heat to build up. Crappy design. Although I think your PSU in there is plenty powerful you might consider changing it to one with a larger fan mounted on it's top or bottom just to help remove the heat.
  9. I hope it's OK to comment on an old thread like this. I know it's been awhile but I finally have the money to buy these parts & someone to install them for me. The 2nd newegg link above is a discontinued product so can someone please confirm for me which products I need to buy? This PC is still very hot (even though a temp monitoring program says it's fine). The drives on the front are still very hot to the touch & the PC shuts itself off several times a day - maybe it's overheating? So hopefully I can get these parts ordered & get it all fixed before my computer dies!
  10. You started the thread, it's always ok to comment on it. The problem is the OEM case and the limited air flow it provides. I would suggest geting rid of the duct over the CPU fan and adding a 80mm in front and a 120mm in back. The design of the case doesn't provide any direct flow over the drives but with what I suggested it should "especially with more CFM out than in" help to pull heat away from the drives.

    I would suggest these

  11. OK thanks again ausch30.
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