955 BE first time overclock QUESTIONS

First post. First Overclock. LOVE this forum.

1. Currently running 955 BE at 20x multiplier at 4.0 Ghz. (Stock is 3.2)
2. BIOS memory settings set to 1600, 8-8-8-24 2T, 1.65 volts per Corsair spec (4GB).
3. Air cooler: Corsair A70, 2000 rpm, push,pull fans. Idle core temp: 34 C.
4. 3DMark06: passed, 17052 score. Max temp: 45 C.
5. Core Voltage: 1.452 via BIOS auto settings and CPU-Z reading.
6. Cool 'n Quiet and C1E disabled.
7. All other BIOS settings on Auto.
8. LinX: Blue screen after about 1 minute.
9. Prime95: Blue screen after about 1 minute.
10. System is for internet and MS Office. No games, no graphics, no video.
11. Used system all afternoon yesterday with no issues on regular tasks.
12. I'd love to leave it at 4.0 for the speed and the "threshold satisfaction."

Should I leave it at 4.0 or scale back? Why?

The system needs to be 98% stable, but not 100% "rock stable." Please comment.


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  1. Try settingf the voltage manually to 1.475 or about there and try prime 95, if it improves but is still not totally stable try a little higher (to a max of 1.5). If it crashes that quickly in stress tests its not close to stable so I recommend sorting it or lower the overclock.
  2. Upped core voltage to 1.464.

    LinX failed 3 m 53 s. Max temp 46 C.

    I know max voltage is 1.5.

    I don't want to kill my CPU with higher voltage!

    How much life span will I lose running at 1.475 volts?

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement amd655!

    Motherboard is ASUS M4A87TD EVO with 870/850, USB 3.0, and SATA 6.

    Case is Antec 300. Two stock fans set at medium speed. One on top, one in back. PSU is Corsair TW650.

    Right now I have it scaled back to 3.8 with no issues. Core voltage is 1.452 on Auto.

    When I get more time to tinker, I will.
  4. Try and lower your volts and see if you can get it stable. Im running 3.8 on 1.37 volts
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