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New to the forum. Wanted to know if anyone had feedback on the BFG GTX285 OCX and the EVGA GTX 285 SSC. I have Dell XPS 630i with a 750w PSU, a Nvidia 650 MoBo, and currently have a 9800GT. while the 9800GT is a good card, I seem to be have some problems with a few games in that they stick or freeze. I have the most current drivers and still sometimes get the problems. I know both cards are very good and almost identical in features as well as overclock rates. Also read that there might be a GTX285 2GB card coming out, is there any truth in that?

Thanks for the info.

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  1. EVGA has a better warranty. I will only purchase EVGA or XFX nvidia cards and usually only xfx ati cards because of their warranty
  2. BFG and EVGA are the same, only difference is BFG gives you 10 days more to make up your mind, and aren't as demanding from the packaging when you ship it to them. The approve it almost instantly.

    When dealing with EVGA and BFG technical support, I'd have to say that they are both idiots, but BFG was alot more helpful for Step up.

    Warranty is exactly the same, Life time.

    XFX is my choice for ATi, but I like the step up idea, and love that I can be covered for 3 months, if another card catches my eye. XFX instead you can modify the cooling and it comes with double life time warranty, which basically means you can pass it on to a friend and they can register the warranty too from my understanding:)

    good luck, if the choice is bfg VS evga get which ever is cheaper, if price is the same, flip a coin or go by how nice the picture is;) they are technically the same card. I've see the BFG oc more, but you can't use that because the its random for each card.
  3. BFG does not support overclocking or cooler removal like EVGA. If you are not doing either then it does not matter.
  4. evga doesn't support cooler removal, and overclocking is at your own risk with EVGA.
  5. Yesthey do as long as you do not damage the pcb or the serial number sticker.

    EVGA is recognized through customer loyalty and the highest levels in customer satisfaction. We continuously work to make sure that each purchase results in a customer for life! This is part of the EVGA Difference - known for offering value and performance, as well as top notch customer service.

    In keeping with our valued ideology, we are pleased to offer our customers the EVGA Limited Lifetime Warranty Program.

    Products registered within 30 days of purchase will also be eligible for our EVGA Advanced RMA (EAR) Program. For details on the advanced RMA program please visit

    Please Note: As EVGA strives to honor the best limited lifetime warranty in the business we have made, and will continue to make, policy changes. Make sure you read this document carefully and check back for updates.

    For our retail Graphics Card and Mainboard products that carry a limited lifetime warranty and were purchased on or after June 22, 2005, EVGA will provide a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of each retail product and that the product will not suffer, in material or workmanship, from any defect that adversely affects the performance of the product. This limited lifetime warranty is valid for the life of the retail product, so long as the original purchaser owns the product, based upon the following conditions:

    * All EVGA Products purchased ON or AFTER November 1, 2006 MUST be registered within 30 days from ORIGINAL DATE OF PURCHASE to receive our limited lifetime warranty. (All products not registered within 30 days will ONLY receive a 1 year limited warranty.)
    * Removal and or Defacing of Serial/Part number sticker(s) on ANY EVGA products WILL void ALL warranties.
    * ALL Defective products sent in for RMA replacement MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL INVOICE / RECEIPT. (Products NOT including invoice/receipt will be returned to the customer at customer's expense.)
    * Products sent in for RMA will be repaired or replaced with a product of equal or greater performance.
    * Products purchased second hand or from an auction site do not carry any warranty.
    * EVGA does not offer refund on products not purchased directly from EVGA*. Refund claims would need to be processed through the vendor that sold the product, congruent to their return policy.

    * [EVGA offers product refund only on products purchased directly through EVGA within 30 days of purchase.]

    * There is no physical damage to the PCB, GPU/chipset, or components that are caused by: Damage due to improper installation, damage during modification of any kind, damage during any type of aftermarket cooling installation, and water damage of any kind.
    * The product is returned to EVGA in the original factory configuration and condition. All aftermarket modification must be reversed before sending in the product for replacement.
    * EVGA reserves the right to claim for shipping fees along with a service charge* from the customer for any incomplete or modified product that is returned and requires repair or replacement, or when the customer is not entitled to any coverage under this limited lifetime warranty.
    * The EVGA limited lifetime warranty is only eligible for products purchased in North America.
    * The EVGA limited lifetime warranty is only eligible for part numbers ending in: -A1, -A2, -A3, -A4, -AR, -AX, -CR, -CX, -DX, -FR, -FX, -SG, -SX.
    * EVGA does not ship replacements to PO Box addresses.
    * EVGA will cover all return shipping back to our US and Canadian customers for the RMA replacement with free ground shipping through UPS in the United States and free FedEx Ground shipping to Canadian Customers.*
    * Customers located at military addresses (APO, etc) addresses, or outside the United States or Canada, will be responsible for return shipping.*

    *Shipments being sent outside of the United States are sent through FedEx as Standard shipping. All RMA replacements to countries outside the United States will state Warranty Replacement on the package to assist in avoiding any Brokerage Fees through customs. EVGA is NOT responsible for any fees charged by the destination countries government body or brokers due to brokerage fees.

    Shipments to military addresses will be shipped using the United States Postal Service.

    EVGA reserves the right to claim for shipping fees along with a service charge* from the customer for any incomplete or modified product that is returned and requires repair or replacement, or when the customer is not entitled to any coverage under this limited lifetime warranty.

    Please feel free to call us first for any needed support at (888) 880-EVGA (3842) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We stand behind the products we sell, for their value, quality, and reliability.

    Don't forget - EVGA offers the VGA Industry exclusive Step-Up Program.

    * EVGA reserves the right to change this policy without advance notice. Service charge is variable based upon the actual material cost to replace missing or modified parts back to their original factory condition.
  6. Evga revamped their warranties,

    yup I just read it, it wasn't there before, nor was 1+1 and 1+2.
  7. BFG


    BFG Technologies warrants to the original purchaser of the graphics card included in this package ("Product") that the Product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser (residing in the United States or Canada) owns the product, when given normal wear and proper usage. For original purchasers residing in areas outside the USA or Canada, the limited warranty for graphic cards shall be for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase.

    In connection with such Limited Lifetime or Ten Year Warranty, all BFG graphics cards introduced on or after February 21, 2008 must be registered on within thirty (30) calendar days of the original purchase date to activate the limited lifetime warranty or limited ten (10) year warranty. Products not properly registered will be covered from the date of purchase by a two (2) year warranty in Europe, and a one (1) year limited warranty in the U.S. and other countries. Proper registration includes submitting proof of purchase to BFG.

    This warranty is VOID if the product:

    * Has evidence of the serial number sticker being altered, removed, replaced, or defaced.

    * Was damaged while being installed.

    * Was damaged by software or hardware from a company or individual other than BFG Technologies or by motherboard incompatibility.

    * Was not operated in accordance with BFG Technologies specifications, instructions and any technical support directions.

    * Was modified or damaged by overclocking, tampering, user error, accident, disaster, abuse, misuse, power supply, power application, alteration, repair, modification, a fix or replacement by someone other than BFG Technologies.

    Third party products, such as motherboards and other system components using or interacting with this Product are not covered by this warranty.

    All products sent in for Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) in connection with warranty claim must include a copy of the original invoice or receipt.

    BFG Technologies' liability under this warranty, or in connection with any other claim relating to the Product, is limited to the repair or at BFG Technologies option, the replacement of the portion of the Product which was defective in material or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to any software component.

    Customer pays for shipping RMA product to BFG. Customer assumes the risk of loss (insurance from loss or damage) in transit and the returned Products shall become the sole property of BFG Technologies. BFG Technologies warrants that the repaired or replaced Products will be free from defects in material or workmanship.

    BFG Technologies reserves the right to inspect and verify the defectiveness of any product returned. Please allow 48 hrs processing time once item has been received by BFG, and 3-5 days for shipping of the repaired or replacement product (shipped ground to the U.S.).

    BFG will cover the cost of return shipping back to the customer for RMA replacements via ground shipping through UPS in the United States and Canada.

    BFG is not responsible for any fees charged by the Canadian Government or brokers due to brokerage fees.

  8. L1qu1d said:
    Evga revamped their warranties,

    yup I just read it, it wasn't there before, nor was 1+1 and 1+2.

    Umm that is what I posted. No where do they void the warranty for removal of heatsink or overclocking.
  9. doubtful about the overclocking though

    "damage during modification of any kind"
  10. "here is no physical damage to the PCB, GPU/chipset, or components that are caused by: Damage due to improper installation, damage during modification of any kind, damage during any type of Aftermarket cooling installation, and water damage of any kind."
    As long as you do not damage the pcb or the serial number.
  11. so if the components short circuit or over heat, melt/burn. thats not physical?
  12. Bfg should revamp the warranty soon 2 hopefully I know that they auto register cards from step up so you don't have to, they adapted to the step up, and soon should move on. I've had alot better experiences with BFG, I had 3 260 GTX EVGA FTW, and not could oc even 15 mhz.

    Though I do recommend both companies, I like BFG more.
  13. I am not saying that. If that happens then yes there is physical damage. If you install a cooler correctly there will not be physical damage. If it shorts out or just stops working just reinstall the cooler that you have to send back and usually they replace the card. If you melt or burn the card they will not replace it. This is much better than what bfg offers. If they see that the heatsink has been removed they will reject it. If they can prove it has been overclocked they will do the same.
  14. Oced, my 9800 GX2 to 780 mhz :) didn't say anything, when I asked them about the overclocking, they said "if the card passes stress test, it will be accepted:)"

    I've actually had better experience with XFX than evga and BFG, but I don't like the no step up idea.
  15. Out of the 3 I perfer dealing with XFX. Much better customer serivce of the three. I misplaced a cd key for a game they gave me free and they gave me a new key within an hour of the claim. They have told us to ship back a few 4870 even though we knew they were not bad. They replaced the cards. Hopefully BFG will update thier warranty and suppord ocing and pcb removal. They have always been a good company.
  16. Yeah I was kinda leery about the step up plan but usually keep cards over the 90 days. I will sell the cards anyways to upgrade.
  17. Thanks for all of the insight and great info. BTW, anything on a 2GB card from either manufacturer?
  18. doubt 2 GB willd o much since no DDR5, and only 512 bit:)
  19. Don't waste your money on a 2gb card. You will really not see much of an improvement.
  20. Thanks, now decisions, decisions, decisions. :pt1cable:
  21. After some additional reading, some recommend getting the standard non overclocked cards. Some feel that the non oc cards will produce a higher overclock than the factory oc versions without spending the extra $50 to $80.
    Any opinions on this? Is the extra money worth the oc?

  22. No OC is guarrenteed, but a regular card should OC close to the OC'd versions anyway.
  23. yes^

    I mean its the same card most of the times, unless the company chooses to flash the bios of the card to accept higher volts.

    If you don't want to risk OCing it would be a better idea to grab 1 done for u, not just because of the warranty just so you don't have to send it in and wait 2-3 weeks for it to come back.

    me personally I try to go either vanilla (no oc), or 1 step above stock, that way I know I paid the least amount, and I either have a slight edge over stock, and I'm more comfortable.

    Usually though, I just oc my card to match the highest OC card from that company, example. BFG 285, I would try to touch OCX speeds.:)
  24. Decided to go with EVGA GTX 285 FTW, now have to wait until one comes in.
  25. IM currently in a TRADE-UP process with BFG (9800GTX+ OC for a GTX285 OC2) and they are pretty fast in the process. But the PAIEMENT system is DOWN since 2 days ... what a PAIN in the ass. At least i have my second GTX+ running. but still .. this is slowing the process. Ill trade-up my second card after .. just hope that its gonna be FASTER this time.

    I took BFG's cause when i traded my dead EVGA 9800GTX+ SC (futurshop) trhere was no EVGA in stock .. i took 2 BFG's. And now im Trading those 2 card.

    Im not a GPU OCer, thats why i take factory OCed card ...
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