Corsair C4DHX only stable when underclocked


I've recently installed 4GB of Corsair C4DHX (2x2GB) RAM onto my Gigabyte EP45-DS4P motherboard (only RAM installed).

However, the system will only run stable if I underclock the RAM to 333Mhz (667 effective). When I upped the voltage to 2.1v, manually set SPD to 800, and timings to 4-4-4-12, Windows would run for about 12 hours before locking up. memtest86+ also throws a bunch of errors a few seconds into the test. Only way memtest will pass testing is with the underclock (voltage still @ 2.1v), but the RAM only runs at 5-5-5-18 according to memtest.

Anyone have any suggestions on BIOS settings to get it to run stable at the RAM's proper settings?

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  1. check em one at a time... maybe you got a bad one.
  2. ^+1.
    Replace the memory.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out tonite.

  4. Hi,

    Well, I've run tests of each stick individually. Both have passed over a dozen passes at memtest86+, configured at 4-4-4-12 timings @ 2.1v.

    I testing each in a different slot on the mobo (the slot they were in while paired), just in case there might have been a mobo issue rather than the RAM, but nothing has shown up.

    I'm now thinking it might just be an incompatibility between the RAM running in dual channel mode and the mobo. I've been tempted to upgrade my motherboard anyway to something that supports SLI, perhaps this will be the driving factor.

    Unless anyone has any other suggestions?

  5. Can you list your complete system specifications and also list specifically what is happening when you freeze.
  6. Complete system specs are as follow:

    CPU - Intel Q6600
    Mobo - Gigabyte EP45-DS4P
    RAM - Corsair C4DHX 4GB kit (also tested with Corsair 6400C5 4GB kit @ 1.8V, with same results)
    GPU - Gigabyte 8600GT HeatPipe (when tested - have upgraded to Gigabyte GTX 275 over the weekend)
    HDD - 2 x WD 500GB AALS
    PSU - Corsair HX-620
    DVD - 2 x LG DVD-RW
    Case - Antec P182
    Keyboard - Razor Tarantula
    Mouse - Razor Lachesis

    I decided to get some C5 RAM and test that out as well, and had the same results with both sticks installed - i.e. underclocked to 333MHz, and it runs stable, but at defaults, it causes memory errors and freezes. I've also got a 2GB OCZ Reaper kit (4-4-4-15 timings), and this works fine. It seems to be whenever I put in 4GB.

    When I say freeze, I mean freeze - no keyboard or mouse input at all, just the last screen. Need to hit the reset button or hold power button to re-init.

    I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's the motherboard not liking the RAM. I'm thinking about also putting all 8GB in and testing - the C4DHX and C5 together, and see what the results are, just not sure what DRAM voltage I should set. Sure, timings will be back to the C5, but I'm not particularly bothered by this. In fact, even underclocked, I realise that the RAM is still running faster than the FSB, it's just irritating that I need to do the underclock at all.

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