HP DV9608nr DVD/CD not Detected please read.

So i have a HP DV9608NR notebook was running windows vista. I did a clean install to windows 7 using the optical drive. All of a sudden BIOS nor windows does not detect the optical drive. I tried a different drive still no good. There was a bridge between the mobo and optical took the bridge out connected it the optical directly to the mobo....still no optical detected. I did a BIOS update still no go. I am a tech guy...ive been researching for the past week i cant find a solution. anyone have any idea what may caused the problem....i am trying to us a flash drive to put windows vista back.

P.S. The drive gets power

Thanks for your support.
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  1. Hi, Chris.
    Im having that exact problem now.
    Did you fix yours, if so, how?
  2. Hello Chrax,

    No i have not been able to fix it. I even changed the little adapter that goes between the optical drive and motherboard. still no go. I came to a conclusion that it is the motherboard(possibly bios). I did not changed the mobo because i dont think its worth it.

  3. hey guys I have the same problem. Did the same thing you did with the same results. got it to work 1 time for about 5 min by repairing windows at start f11..... If you figure it out before I go crazy, let me know.
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