GTX285 SLI /w accelero - which motherboard?

Hey there,

I'm looking to buy two GTX 285 cards and throw on the Accelero GTX280 to cool them well and silently as I overclock them. This might be overkill?
For the record I'll be using the Noctua U12P on my CPU.

My question is this: Which motherboard can manage the size of 2 such graphic cards with the accelero on them? The whole thing will be thrown into the Antec P183, which does have one limit in the bottom, in the form of a plate that isolates the PSU from the rest of the case. I am of course open to suggestions for another case in the same price range.

So far, the only motherboard I have found that will fit this scenario is the ASRock X58 Supercomputer. Is this my best option?

Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some input or personal experience :)


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  1. 2X GTX 285 ???
    It is not an overkill if you are running a 2560X1600 resolution screen...
    But anything less, it is a serious overkill...
    I would suggest instead of the GTX 285, the GTX 275s are better options as they offer nearly similar performance for about $100 less...

    And as for mobo options,
    ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

    CASE - HAF 932 would be a good option...
  2. A lot of people recommend EVGA for the placement of the video card slots.
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