HELP! 4850 or 4870 for gaming?

I don't know what to buy, a 4850 or a 4870 for overal performance.

This is my system specs:

Processor: Amd athlon 7750 kuma 2.7 ghz

MotherBoard: gigabyte ga-ma770-ud3

RAM: G.SKILL 4GB 800 mhz

PowerSupply: Rosewill 600 watt active PFC power supply

Case: Antec 300

VideoCard: 4850/4870?

I want to play at higher resolutions.

Here's the cards.

$130 4850

$165 4870

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  1. 1 4870, unless your PSU is good for 2x4850s.
    Or maybe 2x4830s.
  2. just put out the few extra bucks and get the 4870 you won't be sorry. I have the 1gb model it plays pretty much everything on my 22'' 1680 by 1050 im sure it can do higher just as well im planning on getting new LCDs soon 24 or 28 inch depending on pricing in April
  3. Awesome.

    Thanks for your input guys, I was already thinking about going for a 4870 but wasn't completely sure if it was worth the extra $$$
  4. At 160 this card is a solid deal no questions ask if you can find a 260 for the same price go with that. It gets a few frames more.
  5. The size of your display is a concern. Check the VGA Charts here at Tom's for great comparisons. I am running a 4850 on my current 19" LCD and have no problems whatsoever. At some point more expensive/powerful video cards only pay off at resolutions above 1600X1200.

    If you dont mind a mail in rebate the HIS IceQ Turbo is the same price after rebate with a slight overclock and an awesome cooler. Even the free copy of Stalker Clear Sky is included.

    Best of luck mate!
  6. I do love my 4850 but for just a 'few' bucks more, go for the 4870.
  7. wait a week for the 4890 and gtx 275, it might bump some prices down
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