CPU Heatsink for Azza Helios 910?

Hi everyone

I'm looking to get a CPU heatsink that fits inside Azza Helios 910 case. After doing some reading, I found that most people had problems fitting tall tower heatsinks due to the large side fan (230mm). It seems there is not enough clearance unless the fan is removed, and I'm looking to keep the fan installed :)

I've also been looking at low profile heatsinks but also read that some of them are too low and will end up blocking ram slots.

Case: Azza Helios 910
Mobo: Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H
Ram: Patriot Sector 5 (4 x 2GB)

Yeah... the ram is for intel but thankfully it worked fine for my amd board/cpu. The heatspreaders makes them a little bit taller so I'm concerned about low profile heatsinks blocking ram slots.

I was reading some other posts about it and one person said they had a scythe ninja 2 (150mm) in there which seems to be a relatively tall tower heatsink... Other posts have said that a coolermaster hyper 212 (160mm) cannot fit. Other posts suggested scythe katana 3, but I'm not really liking the tilted tower design :(

I'm leaning towards buying a coolermaster hyper n520 (141mm). Hopefully it will fit.

Any other suggestions for a "sure fit" to avoid restocking fee?
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  1. Your case is 8.10" wide and i'll assume the side fan is 25/30mm(@1")
    You'll definitely need something 6" and under.
    The Hyper N520 is a good choice 5.5" tall.
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    Remove side fan and buy the Hyper 212+. The cooler will benefit you more then the fan will. I have the Salano 1000 and removed the fan to install my Prolimatec Megahalems. I just installed an extra 120mm fan on the bottom. You have the same option.
    The Hyper 212+ is a much better cooler. [:bohleyk:1]
  3. ^+1 Good logic there though i'll admit .
    Side fans only add 2-3C temp diff at most it's much more effective to have a good hsf.
  4. I decided to just get the Hyper N520. It fit perfectly with just a little bit of clearance left on there.

    Although removing the side fan and getting the Hyper 212 probably would have resulted in better performance/cooling, I actually like side fan on there for aesthetic purposes.

    Thanks for the replies guys!
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  6. Thanks, For the BA. Enjoy your rig.
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