Velociraptor 300gbx2 raid 0 vs velociraptor 600gb

Ok so im looking at trying to get more speed out of my hard drive part of my system and this will mostly be used for my games and i need atleast 600gb for my steam profile and other games and room to grow. so im curious what would be the best bang for my buck ? i am also looking at picking up another WD1001FALS 1TB to go with my current one and just putting them in raid 0.
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  1. If you are going with 2 1TB'ers in RAID for your games and such, why not go with a SSD instead of a V. Raptor? Or would you require the extra space provided by the raptor(s)?
  2. well currently i have about 300gb in games alone. but i would like the best performance i can get without going ssd and not being too spendy.
  3. well i know its not good to bump but i figured i would add a budget im looking at a max of $300.
  4. NewEgg has the 300 GB on "sale" for $99 ...
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