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How do you change to the progress bar to the Windows 7 one?


The XP progress bar is boring and I want to change it to the Windows 7 one. Any help on how to do this?
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    Need to skin the GUI, but that tends to cause all sorts of issues. You can have boring progress bar or a crashing system. I've never once have been able to skin an XP system without some glitch, from the PC not even working to nothing in the control panel working to windows getting stuck in random spots.

    If you have a good backup, you can try Windows Blinds.
  2. ^+1 Ditto, every time I've played around with the windows shell, I'd get quirky results sooner or later. it's best to just leave it alone, or upgrade to win 7.
  3. I downloaded Seven Remix XP and it changed almost everything to look like Windows 7. This thread can be closed.
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