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Hi to all

I recently overclocked my i7 930 cpu to 4ghz using the ASrock x58 Extreme Motherboard with a 600W MasterCooler PSU and managed to get it running stable at about 79-82 degrees using the Corsair H50 and and my PC is running fine and all, however just recently I've noticed I get wierd speed reading on CPU-Z and Real Temp. These days whenever I stress out my pc with either Prime 95 or Linx it hangs around at the 80 degree mark (which is alright) but after about 10 seconds of stressing my cpu speed goes down from 4ghz to 2.4ghz and the cpu ratio muilitplier goes down from 20 to 12 (as my Block is 200 and my ratio is 20) and when it strangely drops down to 12? Could it be something I missed to change in the bios settings to stop it from doing this or could there be something faulty with any of my components? Any help is appreciated :)
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  1. thats some pretty high temperatures The CPU may be throttling back so prevent itself from over heating
  2. What is happening is the CPU is downclocking itself to protect itself from excessive heat.

    In normal usage, you probably will not stress the cpu like prime95 will, so you will not notice the downclocking.

    Look in control program/power options/plan settings/change advanced power settings/processor power management/minimum processor state.
    You can set this to 100% if you want, but it is probably best to leave it at 25% or 50%.
  3. Try undervolting the CPU too if you haven't already had to overvolt to get it running that fast. It could save you a few degrees but at 4Ghz I doubt you'll be able to turn it down much if at all.
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