Can I use my motherboard for a week without a chipset cooler?

Hey, I sold my motherboard and cpu to someone, and have another motherboard and cpu to replace it with. But as of right now I'm waiting to build it until my new video card comes.

I had a water cooled setup, But I'm adding a second video card, and don't want setup my water cooling with the new i7 cpu until my video card arrives. Dont have enough tubing to re-do it. It should arrive in a week.

My motherboard was sold to me with a waterblock on the chipset. In the mean time, can I still use my motherboard, even though the chipset has a empty water block that isnt being cooled right now?

Everything else will be fan cooled in the mean time.

Temporary Setup:
Watercooled i7, X1900, fan cooled hd4870.

New Setup once Video Card Arrives:
Water cooled i7, HD4870, HD4870, Chipset on motherboard, Hard drive (maybe)
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  1. I pretty sure You would have to buy a new mobo after that week. Better go to any PC store and ask for a chipset cooler for a few bucks. It comes with glue on the bottom so it's absolutely easy to mount and will save your motherboard from frying.
  2. Okay, just thought I'ld ask before I attempted anything.

    Waterblock is on the northbridge, when I meant chipset above, is it assumed that its the northbridge?
  3. why not wait the week, do you have another computer for your internet
  4. no, haha. Thats why. Sad to say... But I dont think I've EVER done a week without my computer in a long, long time.

    Well.. here comes the withdrawals.
  5. that sucks, i go a week every now and then from my main gaming pc and have to use my laptop, though its not too bad
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