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ASUS P6T - i7 920 Build - Reboot Loop Issues

Last response: in Motherboards
August 11, 2009 12:38:30 AM

Core i7 920 (2nd One)
ASUS P6T (Tried GA-EX58-UD4P Previosuly)
OCZ DDR3 1333 Platinum 7-7-7-20 - 6GB(3 dimms) or 12GB(6 dimms) (Tried OCZ Gold 1600 & Corsair 1333 Previously)
Antec 750w PSU (2nd One)
NVidia GTX 285
1TB WD Caviar Black HDD

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for an i7 setup that is reboot looping with default BIOS values?

I had the same issue last week with Gigabyte UD4P and other RAM (Tried OCZ and Corsair)

I can get into BIOS, the only beep is the standard single short beep at startup. I have 6 Ram DIMMs and have tried them all in different combinations, in different slots, Single DIMM included. I only have 1 GPU, the GTX 285. All the connections are good Ive been through those multiple times. It loops several times and then I can usually get a full boot to vista 64 where it will run stable for an hour sometimes more. The first boot it ran stable for almost 12 hours. Thing is it always eventually shuts down and begins looping again until it gets a full boot through then runs stable again. (For a while).

Is there any setting in a default BIOS setup that I might be able to change to fix it? Or should defaults mean sure-fire stability?


I went back to the store and grabbed a new power supply and a new i7 920. This thing is still rebooting randomly...On default BIOS settings. It gets into Vista every boot now, but it will randomly shut down and reboot all at different times. I ran Prime 95 on it for about 30 minutes had no problems. I ran windows mem diagnostics tool and it says no errors.

Ive basically built two computers and cannot figure this out. The only thing left is the video card could this be a possibility? Even though I get no beeps at boot and the video card is working great when its running?
I was also curious if it could be that im using 8 pin EATX power instead of 4 pin on the 12V?

Are there any diagnostic programs that I can use to see what exactly is happening when the shut down/reboot occurrs. As of now its completely random and seems to have nothing to do with what the load on the system is etc.

August 15, 2009 7:22:12 PM

Allow me to bump by saying I am having a similar problem.
CORSAIR 6GB DDR3 1333 7-7-7-20
i7 920 (D0 stepping)
ULTRA X3 1000W

I have installed windows7 and not noticed any problems until I loaded the graphics drivers (ATI CCC 9.7). Then I would get a complete crash - instant power off and reboot. It would crash after a few minutes on average, never running more than about 15 min. The same happened when I pulled the HDD and replaced it with an older one and installed XP sp3 fresh. I replaced the GPU with a 4870 - same issue. I pulled the ram and tried one stick at a time - same issue. I also tried the 4 pin and 8 pin EATX to MB - no difference.
Funny thing is, I noticed I could run in safe mode for ever, so I completely uninstalled ATI drivers and ran burn in tests for CPU and RAM - multiple tests show no errors with either. I have monitored the temps, they never got higher than 65C for CPU or MB - even during the tests.

So I figure I am relatively safe to rule out RAM, HDD, CPU, PSU, VIDEO CARD, MB & OS individually. It seems to be some strange combination giving me trouble. Can anyone perhaps make a suggestion as to what else I/we can test?

Thanks for any reply, no matter how crazy. I am pulling my hair out here. And jopy, if you made any progress I would like to know.
August 20, 2009 8:31:58 PM

I figured out my problem and it turned out to be the reset switch on the case shorting randomly. Cooler Master HAF 932 case. Unplugging the wires for the switch at the motherboard took care of the reboot loop for me. I hope you figure it out zombie, sorry I dont have any real advice aside from that you never know how small the issue can be. A good testament for bench testing equiment I guess.

Good luck!