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I have a hp p6320y pc. it has a amd phenom II x4 820 quad running at 2.8 ghz.The mother board is a violet something. i want to overclock my cpu .But every software i download it says it can not find or recognize pc has a nvidia chipset.I am using a radeon 4890 overclocked it to 1000 core clock and 1100 memory clock. It runs stable as can be. But i dont get why i cant overclock my cpu with any software.Can you guys tell me what i need to do or what may be the problem.

I have 8 gb of ram,1 tb hd. the integrated graphics is a 9100 nividia. windows 7 64 bit home.

What to do.
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  1. Why are you trying to overclock with software? It's a lot better to overclock using the bios...If your bios doesn't have overclocking features theres a slim chance that software will work either...
    If it's your bios...and you're willing to risk...I can mod your bios and unlock the advanced features like bus speed, cpu voltage, and ram clock settings...
    It's not guaranteed that I'll be able to do it...but there's a pretty good chance...I've done it before...the biggest risk is the flashing of bios going wrong but that nenevr happened to me so pm me if you're interested...
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