Will the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme fit in NZXT Phantom?


I am upgrading my case to an nzxt phantom soon and i'm wondering if the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme will fit in the nzxt phantom if the phantom has the optional side 200mm fan installed?

thank you
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  1. I would be VERY surprised if it did. The 200mm fan is a 32mm thick fan I believe, so even some coolers that are smaller than the Tuniq 120 will have issues. You're better off taking the side fan off, but then maybe modding some 120's on the side instead. That's what I did with my Cosmos S - took the big fan off, installed a custom window and now have two 140mm fans there instead :].
  2. Think the Tuniq Tower would fit the Phantom case though. The width of the Phantom case is 222mm and the cooler height is 150.7mm which leaves more then enough room even with the 32mm thick fan
  3. The width of the case is 222, but that's including the right side panel, motherboard tray and the installed motherboard (which might also be on jumpers). It's a wide case, but don't be surprised if you have troubles.
  4. Its simple math - 222mm (minus 15mm for mobo and cpu offset) (minus 25mm for mobo tray and side tray) leaves around 180 mm. I have attached a picture which has a NH-U12P noctua (its of 150mm) snugged comfortably in the phantom.

  5. He's asking not if it'll fit in the case, but if it'll fit with the side fan installed which I don't think it will. It's simple maths.. 180mm take 32mm leaves 148mm and you're saying the cooler is 150mm - no go.

    Don't just read thread titles, read the OP before posting.
  6. Agreed.....

    suitaroh - you can measure from the top of the CPU to the side door - if its 185mm or more then no problem...... otherwise like acer0169 suggested earlier try some modding on the side fan (best if you can install it on the outside of the side door ) or else replacing the fan with thinner fan or fans.
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