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I am Fixing up an old Compaq of mine, i have managed to get every thing working (new DVD drive, Graphics card, more ram) but I'm not sure if the hard-drive is working properly. I have installed it as the slave to my master drive I MADE SURE TO CHANGE THE JUMPERS on both. on the driver program i have the hard-drive shows up and says correct drivers installed, when i go to device manager it shows it underneath my master hard-drive. When i go to My Computer there is only my main hard drive and not the slave... so do i have to add it to My Computer some how or is it installed incorrectly???

Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Maxtor 2F040L0 (Master HardDrive)
WDC WD800BB-22JHC0 (new Slave Harddrive)
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  1. Possible reasons for that are:
    Your drive have no partitions or have no letter assigned.
    Go to >my computer>>right click>>manage>>disk management. you will see the drive status there, and than act accordingly. Create new partition, format it, or just assign drive letter.
    If you have network drives, make sure they not assign to the same letter as your hard drive.
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