Is This Video Card Upgrade Worth it?

Hey- I just upgraded my 19" @1280x1024 for a 22" @1680x1050 and my games (right now, Fallout 3, Empire Total war) just don't play quite as smooth at high settings as I'd like.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has made a similar upgrade to what I'm considering- I have an 8800GT 512MB running on a Q6600@3.3GHZ and I'm thinking of upgrading to an ATI 4870 1GB- The 4870 1 GB seems to be about the most significant upgrade possible for less than $200 and I'm wondering if it'd be worth it? Especially considering I've been fine with the 8800GT until the monitor upgrade.

Anything helpful would be great!
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  1. Absolutley, it's a big upgrade. Just remember to uninstall any old nVidia drivers before installing an ATI card (they don't play nice together). I recommend Drivercleaner (google
  2. I'd say its worth it - that's a reasonably significant upgrade.
  3. ^+1 Very big upgrade...
  4. ^+1 Go for it !
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