8600 GT fan died, what to do?

I'm not too tech savy so please put up with my ignorance. I bought an 8600 GT for my new computer 13 months ago and it died of course since the 1 year manuf. warranty expired. I was playing Warcraft and noticed my fps dropped significantly and my loud video card fan was not operating. My video card is still functional my monitor is plugged into it now. In fact when I first boot up after it's been off for a while I can play Warcraft on a high resolution and effects/quality until I assume the card overheats then my FPS drops to 15-20, if I lower the resolution and quality I can get by with 25-30. I can either by a new video card, register it this time so I can get a lifetime warranty and if something happens again I can replace it or spend 1/3 the cost and get cooler this is one I am looking at: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3804485 I am also interested in a case fan for some extra cooling. Do you think the cooler will be enough or would it be best to get a new video card? I hate the idea of waiting a week for this and really hate the idea of teh cooler not working and waiting 2 weeks for the new card.
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  1. That cooler is overkill really. It will do the job and let you overclock that thing a bit. Personally I say you're better off buying a better card, but if that 8600GT is good enough for you then just get the cooler. Right now though this Radeon 3850 is a steal of a deal at 60 (50 with mail in rebate).

    Sapphire Radeon 3850 512MB

    Or you can spend a little more and get a Radeon 4670 or a 9600 GSO.
  2. yeah, you can get a new card, 8600 or 3650 which is a bit faster for 50 bucks if you look carefully. For the price of a good cooler, just double that and get a new card to hold you over until you get a new system someday.
  3. i'd say, remove the vent fan from the card, and take it to your local electronic store and ask them if they got one similar (not the copper board, just the rotor and the coils with the 3 little screws). i got my gpu fan (vent only) from a local electronic store for the fraction the price of a new complete fan system from a computer store. (less than 1/10th of the real, branded MSI cooler for gefrorce 6800XT)

    or else, of course, get a new gpu
  4. just buy a new card, this 8600GT is very crappy card
  5. Don't waste your cash on a new cooler for it.
    Either get a new 4670 or pop off the plastic cover on your 8600GT and zip tie a 80mm fan on the stock cooler.
  6. same problem as OP. thinking of:


    those are the ones i can afford atm, damn exchange rate. Any suggestions?
  7. spend $5 on a case fan, put it at the bottom of your case, blowing up onto the underside of the card. (you will probably want to elevate the fan about one half to one inch to allow the fan to get air, i glued some rubber pieces to the bottom once and set the fan on them, or you could just thread four fan screws one quarter of the way in and set it on them.)

    cheap fix, don't have to buy new card
  8. good tip but unfortunately, i have a bottom mounted psu (antec 300 case) so i won't be able to do this. hopefully this works for OP

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