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I am getting ready to buy a new laptop since my three year old Compaq's keyboard went south and it cost more to fix it than it is worth. Are the Intel CPUs better than AMD's? Is the Intel Centrino 2 really worth the extra money?
Help? :D
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  1. When it comes to laptops there's not a massive difference between AMD and Intel, I'd say that often Intel might be best but depends of your budget.
  2. For what purpose?
    Notebooks with C2D ULV chip (for ultraportable) can be as expensive as full blown Core2Quad Mobile based desktop replacement. It all depends on your usage for it.

    Intel Centrino 2 is just the marketing name for Core2series mobile + Montevina(GM45/PM45) + Intel WiFi and not the name of processor.
  3. well, could always go i7 in a laptop (it is the best cpu, but its not really designed for laptops and i wouldnt recommend it)
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