GTX 460 OC memory problem

Hello everyone;
just got my new MSI GTX 460 768MB card. Performs great but I course I want to OC this card.

Using MSI afterburner I adjusted the CORE to 825mhz (shader speed linked) I then tried to bring the memory up to about 1950mhz.

Long story short, anytime I over clock the memory even 5mhz, when the card switches from 2d mode to 3d mode or visa versa the bottom of the screen quickly flashes.

If I leave the memory @ default 1800mhz and up the core & shader, I don't run into this screen flash at all. This problem only arises while over clocking the memory.

Any suggestions, tried using both afterburner @ EVGA precision. Or is this normal?
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  1. Anyone OC their gtx 460 memory and getting a screen flash while switching from 2d to 3d, if not then I wonder what the problem could be.

    Figured out that it only happens while I have my second monitor connected.

    Problem solved with upgrade to forceware beta 260 drivers.
  2. Btw at what resolution ?
  3. Running @ 1900x1080. Just strange that no one else has run into this problem. Like I said install the new 260 beta forceware drivers and no problem anyone.
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