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I have been having trouble finding an IDE HDD dock for an internal IDE HDD. I would like to find a 5.25" dock insert that would have a hinged door on the front and would mount in the front of a case in one of the optical bays. This bay would allow one to take a standard internal IDE HDD and insert it directly into the bay. I'm picturing the HDD not going all the way into the bay but actually sticking out a little bit which would allow for it to be gripped and removed. Everything I run across has some sort of mounting rail that slides in and out of this enclosure. I would rather have a bay that would accept a "naked" HDD directly instead of having to mount the HDD to something that would then be used to swap drives in the bay. Does anything like this exist? Thanks for the help.

Is there a reason why something like this would not exist? I know there are cases now that have SATA docks right on top of the case so I figured there must be some that exist that slide into 5.25" bays. If there is a reason why these don't exist then at least I could end my search. Thanks again.
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  1. Not that I know of.
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