OCZ Fatal1ty 550W: A good PSU

I will buy a new PSU and i'm thinking in this one. My first option would be the Corsair model, but on the place i'm thinking on get it and a new VGA, there's only this model on this price...

its a good PSU? Can i get without doubt? its at least equal than the Corsair 550w VX séries? Thanks.
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  1. Forgot the "?" on the title, sorry...
  2. Hi S

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't see a link, my ad blocker is good but not that good........Go with the Corsair.
  3. ^+1
  4. Sorry if my post was confuse, i dont speak english very well. The place that i want to buy the PSU(with my VGA) just have the OCZ Fatal1ty. I cant get the PSU and VGA in sepparates stores, because the routing would be too expensive (i live in a small city)

    So i'm asking if the OCZ Fatal1ty 550w its a good PSU, and if it its at the same level than the Corsair 550w.
  5. As I can't find any reviews or test results for that particular model I wouldn't want to part with my cash for it.
  6. If you are talking about

    I think it would be okay depending on what your specs are. Dual 12v rails with 25A on each, while the corsair 550W has a single rail with 41A. Reviews for it are pretty decent. Although I believe corsair still has better quality.
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