7200rpm hd vs 10.000 using FRAPS

Hello. I have a 7200rpm hd at the moment, whenever I record stuff in most of my games with fraps, it tends to have pretty low framerates, making the footage choppy and undesirable, unless i change the resolution/graphics to rubbish. Specs are,

seagate barracuda 320gb 16 or 32 mb buffer (cant remember) 300mbs
intel core 2 quad q8300
4 gb ram in dual channel
geforce gtx 275 896mb
msi p43-c51 mobo

I'm thinking about getting a 1000rpm hd because I just can't get the kind of footage I want with such low framerates, but those fast drives aren't big and they cost quite a bit for their size. But would it increase my framerates? I'm mainly thiking about the game ArmA 2 and the like, so of course framerates will drop in such a game but looking at different videos, they didn't seem to have a framerate problem at all, even with high graphic settings. thanks in advance for any advice/help.
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  1. I tried messing with that but no matter what fps setting it still drops down to lag-level? You sure a faster hd won't make for faster recording?
  2. So what will help? Can't be that there's no way of increasing your fps when recording?
  3. What FRAPS settings are you using when it becomes laggy? Especially the resolution and fps.
  4. I would think that the CPU may be the issue here. A Core 2 Quad is not at its best when dealing with Single Threaded applications. The GPU is probably flat out rendering the game. Try dedicating a couple of cores to FRAPS and the remaining two cores to the game so that they dont get crossed over.
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