Overclocking pentium 4 cpu

please help i want to get better performance form my old cpu and motherboard and ram...
i have the intel d915gav motherboard
intel p4 3ghz (630) with ht
transcend ddr 1gb ram
ive managed to increase my frequency by 250 mhz (3.25 ghz) i want to increase more, im a beginner in overclocking and dont know how to increase pci-e bus speed or ram bus speed or anything
ive got a locked multiplier and want to increase frequency without my pc freezing up, please help
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  1. Increasing the PCI-E bus speed and/or memory will do very little to boost your performance and are both likely to make your system much more unreliable.

    Add some memory and look at whether you can OC your GPU to get the most bang for your OCing buck (so to speak).

    Good luck!
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