Please help me out ( I am new to overclocking )

When it comes to overclocking cpus I turn into a little girl , Ive heard way to many horror storys about people messing up there system so Ive always been scared to try. Thats what im here asking you guys for advice.

My system im runing right now is this.

Mobo - ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i

Ram - DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200)

CPU - Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor BX80562Q6600

PS - Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600W ATX12V v2.01 SLI Ready Power Supply

GFX - Gtx260 core 216 ( Dont think it matters but ill post anyways )

Like I said before , I have an above avg knowledge when it comes to comp. but when it comes to ocing and cpus I turn dumb as a rock , probly cause im just to scared to play around with my bios settings
So yeah , can anyone please help me out and if possible explain as clearly as possible , this would mean alot to me as due to my q6600 having low stock speed I cant play the game i want to with the right performance

- thank you
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  1. Honesty I read it , but like I said im clueless when it comes to memory/timing and all of that , what Im asking if somone can list the settings I should use , I dont know if thats possible but yeah
    I know this comes off like im being lazy , but im really paranoid when it comes to changing bios settings
  2. Don't be. If changes do not work, it is easy to discard them and start over by clearing the CMOS memory.

    And if you want to overclock, you will need to change BIOS settings.

    First of all, that OC guide is a generic guide. The nVidia BIOS works quite differently compared to the Intel BIOS for the Gigabyte and Asus motherboards. The nVidia BIOS is tied to the FSB clock, not the FSB frequency.

    So you will need to take the CPU and memory settings off Auto. At stock speeds, the Q6600 FSB clock will be 1066 MHz. The memory frequency should be 533 MHz.

    You will need to run the memory Unlinked. Otherwise, your memory will be the limiting factor. Don't worry. Core2 CPU's are relatively insensitive to memory speed.

    Now start the "increase FSB clock, test, increase CPU voltage; repeat " cycle. The guides will tell you what to do.

    If you have just the stock cooler, you probably will not get much past 3.0 GHz (1333 MHz FSB clock).

    Don't exceed 1.5 volts on the CPU or 70 C load temperatures. And 65 C would be better. Without a good cooler, you are likely to bump into the thermal limits before the voltage limits.
  3. Thanks a lot
    Just a few questions though , How do I clear the CMOS memory? if im not mistaken that requires me to do something ( press a button or something ) on my motherboard right?

    Also is the "increase FSB clock,test increase CPU voltage" guide included in the guide that was posted above? I am running with a stock fan on my cpu although the rest of my comp has good airflow but I dont wanna risk it.

    3.0ghz is what I was hoping , so if I can get that it will be perfect
  4. bumping this , still need help =/
  5. Normally to clear the CMOS, you need to unplug the computer, remove the battery for the CMOS and wait a few seconds (although it may be longer), that way there's nothing providing power to the memory and it will reset.
  6. Hi ace626 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    1- Check the manual of the mobo to know how clear the CMOS that usually is do it with a jumper or a reset button in the mobo.
    2- The Q6600 has lock multiplier, that means that u need start to OC with the FBS but rising the FBS u also change the RAM speed so, the 1st step before rise the FBS is slow down the RAM frequency.
  7. Thank you , thing is I dont even know how to slow down the RAM frequency , I really am clueless when it comes to OCing and changing bios settings. Is there anyway you can provide the numbers I should change everything to? I know thats asking for a lot but I really dont worry burn my cpu or anything
  8. You can overclock a modest amount without worrying about ram timings. Some people have good luck with the Q6600 and some don't, but most people seem to get it to a pretty good speed.

    Are you running a stock CPU cooler? If so then just set the system bus to 333MHz, set the PCI slot to 100, and set the ram multiplier to the lowest setting it has. I would say you have very good chances that this will run fine. Once you get it running, then crank up prime95 and check the core temps. You may or may not get too hot at this setting.

    If it is running too hot, then you have the choice of lowering the speed a little, or buying a good aftermarket cooler. With a good aftermarket cooler you can probably get somewhere around 3.4GHz or better.

    If the temperatures are not too high then odds are you aren't risking your cpu at all. I've checked temps with stock coolers and they seem to run hotter at stock speeds with stock coolers than they do overclocked with good aftermarket coolers.
  9. ^ Thanks a lot , ill try this tomorrow its to late right now
  10. After going through the BIOS setting I was still lost , so I uploaded pictures of it.
    If possible , can anyone tell me what I should do in each screenshot.




  11. Bumping this , still need help please
  12. Here are my suggestions with the same number as the picture.

    1- Check the manual of the mobo or the BIOS if exist some option to change the "Disable" to "Enable" in the Overclock options.
    2- Set to auto
    3- All those options and changes of those depends of the change that u do in the OC. Set all to "Auto"
    4- Select "Unlinked", change the FSB-Memory ratio to "Manual" and start to rise the number that u see in the "FSB (QDR), MHz in little steps.

    After every change u need check the stability of the rig, so try to boot and if u can test the stability with Prime95 (2 hours), LinX (1 hour) or OCCT (3 hour). Let me know the results.
  13. 1. The overclock option that is disabled is a option by AI tuner , it lets me set the overclock to 5/10/15/20/25% , the max I can go with that is 10% , which is 2.6 after that a blue message comes up saying system has halted.

    2. there is no option to put it on auto , the default is 100

    4. The fsb memory ratio has no option for manual , If i remember right they were 1:1
    5:4 , 3:2 and sync mode , also which FSB do you suggest me starting at

    once again thanks a lot for all the help , i really appreciate it
  14. 1- Can u change the voltage of the CPU right? Try rising the voltage a little and after that select the 15% options and see what happen.
    2- Set to 100
    3- Start with the options that give u the speed before the current speed of the RAM I mean if u RAM is actually running @800MHz select an option for running @667MHz.
  15. Kk , my bad once again im clueless when it comes to this but I just wanna make sure
    So I should make the mem to 667mhz and make the fsb to 3000? after doing this what should I make the voltage?

    and yes I can , but I rather not use that tool since I heard peoples comps have gottin fried from it , but if you suggest it ill try it out
  16. If a component fries running any of those stress tests, and you're not running it way out of spec for voltage, then the component was likely faulty to begin with.
  17. I would try the 20% method but thing is I have no idea how much I should put the voltage , thats why I rather do everything manual
  18. The voltage should, ideally, be as low as possible for any given clock speed. Finding that lowest point requires a lot of time and patience. I typically don't go as low as I could (in the rare instance that I bother to OC) simply because I don't have that much patience. I don't even do proper stability testing. I know what I'm getting myself into though, and wouldn't recommend OCing without ensuring that you're quite stable in case you end up with a random rounding error that causes a BSoD when you least want it :)
  19. I really wish I knew about this subject more , I just wanna OC my cpu to 3.0 , im not looking for anymore more , is that still going to require me to change the voltage?
  20. Perhaps a little, but it shouldn't require much. It depends largely on whether your Q6600 is the older B3 stepping or the newer G0. Unless you have the original box, the only way to know would be to remove the heatsink and thermal paste and look for the code SL9UM or SLACR on the heatspreader covering the cores. The G0 stepping uses less power and requires less voltage for any given clock speed, as a general rule. Every CPU is unique though, so one can only ever make generalisations based on statistics. Any CPU can be an outlier, either good or bad. The only way to know is to simply try your luck. Nobody can tell you for sure if you will be able to overclock 10Mhz or 1GHz without an increase in voltage.

    this is the same exact one I have , since I have no idea about voltages , is there a number you suggest me starting on
  22. That doesn't tell you the stepping. The product code is the same for both of them. However, stupid me forgot the easier method:
    Run this and you'll find the stepping under the Revision field (don't ask why stepping is not in the Stepping field, I have no idea).

    I do not know what voltage your CPU is currently running at, so I can't suggest an absolute value. However I'd try running with stock voltage at 3GHz and see if it runs fine. If you have stability issues then bump it up a little; and by a little I mean very little.

    there you go my man , appreciate all this help once again , I really hope we get this fixed lol
  24. You have a G0. That makes things a bit more optimistic. You should get away with little or no voltage increase to 3GHz. I would definitely try none to begin with.
  25. Alright good to hear , now if I can just figure out what numbers I should put ( for fsb and the memory ram ) and also what I should put as my ratio and hopefully ill be set
  26. Memory ratio should be whatever keeps it closest to its rated speed because it is rated fairly low. You don't want it to be a limiting factor for as long as you can help it.
  27. Just for the record, I got an E6600 which is the dual core version of your cpu. I overclocked it to 3.2GHz with just stock cooler. Its 60°C when in 100% load. 6,5 windows score =D.
  28. The default is set on auto , the options it gives me are
    5:4 , 3:2 and sync mode
    which one should I use
  29. Well I have no idea what sync mode is, but 1:1 is the lowest you can go.
  30. Ah kk , and what should I put the fsb and mem?
    the default is 1066 for fsb (QDR)
    and 800 for mem (DDR)
  31. bumpping this , t his is the last info i need
  32. ace626 said:
    Kk , my bad once again im clueless when it comes to this but I just wanna make sure
    So I should make the mem to 667mhz and make the fsb to 3000? after doing this what should I make the voltage?

    and yes I can , but I rather not use that tool since I heard peoples comps have gottin fried from it , but if you suggest it ill try it out

    For 3.0 GHz, set the mem freq to 667 MHz and the FSB clock to 1333 MHz (333 MHz FSB frequency).

    Increase CPU voltage by .05 volts. That should get you to 3.0 GHz with stability.
  33. I did the prime95 ( after ocing ) and after 2hrs my core temps were 54-58
    only thing is it woudnt let me change my ratio , everytime I changed it it moved back to auto , will this have a huge affect on my speed?

    and thank you everyone for the help , I was finally able to OC my proc
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