GTA4 with GTX260 or GTX285

I have an e6600 dual core processor for now with a 21" 1680X1050 monitor. Would I notice much of an improvement going from the GTX260 to a GTX285? I know that the cpu will bottleneck but will it still help with GTA4 or other games?

I will be upgrading the cpu and monitor eventually but I'm hoping for an improvement now. My cpu is oc to 3ghz

I have to make a decision quickly on whether to spend an extra 100.00 for the 285.

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  1. GTA4 IMHO is a piece of dung ported game.

    Can't comment on the GPU - up to you money wise.
  2. What is the point of this upgrade the GTX 285 is about 25% faster than the GTX 260.
  3. I have no problem running GTA4 with Q6700 and old 8800GTS 640MB.

    Waste of money to buy a GTX285 if you already have a GTX260.

  4. I'd say the difference between the 260 and the 285 isn't big enough to jusitfy an upgrade, specially at that resolution.

    If you need some extra power, try OCing that 260
  5. I agree its not worth it. My gtx 260 heavily overclocked comes near the gtx 280 but the gtx285 is just slightly faster def not worth it.
  6. Agreed, the game is "ok" on my setup (E8400 + 8800GTS (G92)) at 1680x1050, so your GTX260 should be enough.
  7. I think the game GTA is more of a CPU game if I'm not mistaken.
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