After psu replacing computer don't boot

In my 4 years old computer a PSU died recently (it died between windows loading). Yesterday I replaced it and the computer turns on and works ok until boot. (bios and post is ok). When it came to loading windows
(i had win xp x64) it says that windows did not load ok for the last time. It shows a menu if you want to load it from safe mode or normal or.... I used normal. then it showed an error about something that hardware configuration is not ok. It was the same if i went to safe mode. I tried resetting bios to default by pluging out elecricity and the mobo battery. It did not help. Then i tried installing windows again from cd, ubuntu live cd and damn small linux live cd. It all gave errors. i took pictures:

windows xp setup:

ubuntu live cd:

damn small linux live cd:

system specs:
amd athlon64 2800
asus k8n e-deluxe
ati radeon 9200
1536mb ram (2 sticks)
120gb hdd
a dvd- writer
before 380 now 400 watt psu

Can you help me, please?
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  1. i just tried putting the 1gb memory stick out (so now it is just 512mb ram) and damn small linux loaded!! yay :D
  2. Test the memory for errors with memtest86+.
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