CryEngine 3 will developer to Console first ..

CryEngine3 has been discussed for a while now, and Crytek announced that they’ll show this engine for the first time on Game Developers Conference 2009.

This video shows some of sequences from a couple of games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Although this obviously doesn’t include PC platforms,
this doesn’t mean that CryEngine won’t find its way to the PCs.

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  1. i remember the first time i saw cryengine 2 i had to pick up my jaw from the floor. this is just embarrassing...

    cryengine 3 is just a sep down from cryengine 2 because is for consoles.
  2. this seems more of a gaming section than Graphic card section:P
    This 2 me looks like a toned down version of the PC one.

    Although graphic power for the consoles aren't as great, ppl fail to realize that most developers will put more money in optimizing games for consoles since they yield better sales, and not only that, optimized games made for a system alone can infact look better than PC is used properly.

    Though I saw this in high def, it definatly doesn't make me drop my jaw in awe. Been there done that.

    Crytek was always saying that they will be moving onto consoles only, and whos to blame them? Pirating has gone over board, so I decided to contribute as much as I can and atleast buy weekend deals on steam:)

    But we're getting into the whole the price is right convo:) but thats my 2 cents:)

    Nice find though.
  3. @L1qu1d
    i just wonder is Game company Not making money from PC Games or not
    I think when CryTeck move it to console.. they really know ..will win more if it to PC only ..
    CryTeck was last Chance for who have high End PC to be proud with it
    now it's gone
  4. yes but look at the yields, I mean yes we still use it in benchmarks 2 yrs later, but look at cod4...still used...fear 1, even quake 4 and 3 are used.

    they wanted to revolutionize the graphics and push pppl into upgrading, but during a recession and soon 2 be on, its not flowing. So whats next, keep it simple, pay 60$ for a game and have it on console. :P

    They clearly said that they are doing console only because of piracy. I frankly am pissed off at them, because when Crysis came out, they pushed every1 to grab high end systems, then later released patch 1.1 which allowed me to play the game on High level with 1 8800 GTS 320. Before 1.1 ppl with 3 8800 Ultras couldn't even do med and high properly, now with 1.1 and 1.2, my laptop video card can even do High which is about the strength of 1 9600 GT lol.

    So to answer your question, no they aren't. Making a game exclusive for a console or pc system just restricts them from attractin a much wider audience, I mean how much really of this planet are hardcore gamers, and how much can afford or want to afford a computer that cane play it with no headaches?

    Look at GTA 4, Multi Platform, 3-4 million on 360, and 3-4 million ps3 (just an idea), now take away 1 console:P, same goes for PC only:P haha

    We'll prob be seeing more of this, release it to platform, then bring it to PC if sales are high enough, like they did with GTA 4, Mirrors edge, and etc.
  5. L1qu1d said:

    We'll prob be seeing more of this, release it to platform, then bring it to PC if sales are high enough, like they did with GTA 4, Mirrors edge, and etc.

    I dont mind at all as long as they dont do a poor ass job porting it to PC
  6. yup^ me too, but it just sucks, I remember when Doom 3 was about to be released, and the alpha was released a couple of months before and then the beta lol, same with hl2 ....good times:D
  7. Euphoria_MK said:
    I dont mind at all as long as they dont do a poor ass job porting it to PC

    That's why i never test GTA IV ..because i know what it will be ..
    we all know the pure PC Games are always better ..
    Like HalfLife2 that's was work greatly on my old System P4+GF7600GS
    compare it with Lost Planet Extreme Condition "that's wort game i ever Play"
    even when upgrade from P4 to Dual core E2180 the game was still crap.
    because they develop it for console first :heink:
    Same thing will happened to Crysi3 :(
  8. Just remember one thing, PIRATES don't care what platform the developer uses, it'll be hacked and available whatever the platform.

    What was it, Spore, COD4, FartCry2, Gears Of War2 and Fallout3 were all hacked and available on the console before PC before launch even? Despite draconian DRM on Spore FartCry and Gears, and NO DRM on Fallout3 PC. [:thegreatgrapeape:5]

    Brilliant, yeah it's all because of PC !! :sarcastic:
  9. Well,it maybe a step down from Cryengine 2 due to consols but i hope it will be better optimized than cryengine 2
  10. They arn't moving to console only, they said on that they were developing for "DX9/ DX10 and Next-Gen-Ready" (DX11)

    Cryengine3 is meant to be scalable across all platforms, if they can make more money from consoles then good for them, it means they can stay afloat and continue with PC games.
  11. well i dont care as long as they make it for the PC but it gives the "noobs" of the consoles a chance to taste some of our wine
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