New here and got a question about LCD and backlight horizontal lines..

Its been awhile since ive built a new pc, 01 actually, so this new system i just built is all so new to me really. With that said i just build a new 920 and im using a gtx 295, my monitor is a 22" Acer, model i can list if someone needs it.

In anycase, i just notice in some screens while gaming a pulsing, shimmering, horizontal type of transparent....not lines but fuzzy distortions so to speak.

On some screens i dont see it though....but its like now that ive seen it, i cant stop seeing it when its there or when its there it feels like something is wrong.

Is this normal to see like an interferance type thing with larger LCDs?

Like on this page, i see nothing. But if i were on a grey page i could see the pulsing horizontal flickers i want to say but im not sure if thats what it is.

This monitor isnt too old, maybe 5 months or so.....could a backlit be burning out?

I dont know, i just need to catch some more opinions on this...thanks in advance.
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  1. Could just be the monitor needs to be recalibrated to your new rig, to start with run the display optimisation wizard from the Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Just something to add...i loaded up 2 other games to check some stuff, Kings Bounty and Mount and Blade....and i notice nothing like i do with the other 2 games...i was checkin different shots and everything and it looks smooth as silk...could it be just that my newer rig is having a hard time with the handshake on the other older games? I mean because they play...and unless you kind of look for it, its not noticable but it is there depending the backdrop you have.

    I was checkin the nvidia panal and didnt see any optimization wizard...i get 3D settings, video and television and display each, not seeing anything about like an automated optimizing wizard, any where else to check?
  3. It`s under the `display` tab, should be the first option down.
    It`s not automated so be prepared to use the monitor OSD to reset brightness and contrast as requested.
  4. Righ under display is change resolution, and then adjust desktop color settings next.

    It says to apply the settings, it has brightness, contrast and gamma at 50%....

    Now is that like a standard or is that what my card is detecting or what not?
  5. That`s weird, mine shows the wizard as first option under the display tab. Which driver version are you using? I`m on 181.22.
  6. Im using 182.08 drivers currently...does that sound right?
  7. I have both a gateway 24" monitor and a 25.5 samsung. Both have done the same exact thing. usually if I change the resolution (then let it revert back) it fixes it. Again it doesn't do it all the time. I think it's a gpu/driver issue. For the record I use a 8800gt 1GB, I'm at work so I can't say for sure which driver i'm using.
  8. When you say its a gpu issue, do you mean like its just not quite connecting with a certain game persay the way it normally does in others or would? Or do you think an overall problem?
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