Gigabyte gtx 460 highest stable overclock.

I am using MSI afterburner.

870/1740/2200 @ voltage 1.050

It is semi-stable... i did get a red screen... How far can i push the voltage with this card?

What are your guy's overclocks?

Also, GPU-Z seems to not read fan speed and core temp, but msi afterburner does, why so? thanks
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  1. most stable so far: 850/1700/1050 @ v1.050
  2. core: 880
    shader: 1760
    memory: 2250
    coreV:1075 mV

    Burning through with Furmark stable. Think i can push it further? I am thinking memory can go a bit higher, anything above 890 MHz core clock at max allowed voltage by Afterburner is unstable. 880/1760 is the sweet spot for this 768mb Gigabyte 460.

    Max temp is 72C benchmarking with Furmark at 99% GPU usage, air cooled, fans at 80%+
  3. bump??
  4. core: 880
    shader: 1760
    memory: 2200
    coreV:1087 mV

    That is my new everyday overclock.
  5. My Asus Direct CU came with Asus Smart Doctor, and it allows you to put your voltage up to 1.087 so that is a safe voltage. I have heard of people going much higher, but these cards haven't been out long enough to know how much is too much.
  6. Klimentiy, you shouldn't bump your post 4 times...
  7. ^^ And you shouldn't reply off topic.
  8. ^ What are you doing right now?
  9. ^^ You did it again...

    I have posted my stable overclock, have you?

    Follow what is being asked of you in the thread please. If you have nothing to contribute then stay out, thanks.
  10. Best answer
    its not STABLE STABLE but 3Dmark vantage doesn't crash just goes a tad crazy in the first GPU test

    EVGA GTX460 1GB SC edition

    voltage: 1012
    core clock : 887
    shader clock 1775
    memory clock 2275

    i have to play with it a lil more but i hit 17,989 3Dmark vantage points with it on performance and the stock resolution...for reference the GPU on stock it hit 14,868 :D

    Klimentiy you just beg me to respond like this.

    EDIT: Nice OC Tx-jose.
  12. thanks :D

    like i said its not 100% stable and keep an eye on your temps cause i have seen about 80*C on this overclock on stock air cooling with the External Exhaust version of the card....liquid cooling is next :D
  13. Haha, well I don't think you need WC until you have 2 in SLI because then if you had air cooling your top card will be extra hot, but right now your only a single card. But, what % is your fan at?
  14. 100% hahah running test after test after test of 3Dmark vantage about 5-7times in a row

    and i have a Gigabyte MINI ITX H55N-USB3 mobo in a antec mini skeleton case moded
  15. Haha how are you going to fit your water cooling in that, Oh get an external water cooling, I see i see.
  16. hahaha i have some metal fabrication skills and a TIG welder out back of the house i been itching to give it a try

    come on dude this isn't my first rodeo ;)
  17. Pshhh, it's on, my next build is going to compete with your water cooling XD
  18. i said liquid cooling not water cooling ;)

    i said liquid......not water lol

    im a automotive junky..........imma do some experimental cooling solutions ;)
  19. PSH. Well, I will attach a Injen Cold Air intake AND ADD SEVERAL DELTA'S to my cpu and cool it that way haha, psh yeah right not ripping it out of my car. Naw, well... MY WATER COOLING WILL WOOP YOUR LIQUID
  20. hahaahaha injen??? awwww how cuteee lol

    imma experiment with automatic transmission fluid for cooling AMSOIL anyone?? lmao
  21. Are you mocking my INJEN! I WILL KEEL YOU
  22. hahah SILENCE!!!!
  23. I got my card stable @ 900/1800/2000, I haven't pushed the memory yet but I got a Vantage score of P18,040. It's at 1.087V and tops out at 74C with the fan at 80%
  24. nice score andon48!!!! nice to see the GTX460 knocking at the heels of a stock GTX480!!!!

    my 3Dmark score was 17,989 on just the normal settings as is 1024x768 everything on performance as well
  25. :O! It won't outperform the 480 xP - it's missing a few mem.bits :lol:

    But it sure as hell scares the 470 out of the water xD~

    You basterd (tx-jose). I can't OC mine for scat >=P i have to underclock - to overclock FTW?! :O
  26. it will never be a GTX480 im just saying from what i have seen the GTX480 stock clocks see 18,400 scores on 3Dmark vantage and me and andon48 are seeing scores really dam close!!! lol

    its not my fault i am getting a powerful PSU and ur getting a better one...haha all you have to do is look over to the side if you wanna see it again :D
  27. Thanks tx-jose, it's crazy how close our scores are stock and overclocked. I think I'm going to take the heatsink off, maybe lap it, and apply some IC Diamond paste. If that drops the temps to like 70C under load I'm going to unlock the voltage and see what it can really do. My goal is P18,500 then I'll be happy.
  28. Well let's see if that 850 will hold out haha. 3.3ghz + OC'ing the 460's. Grr. as long as i can hit 22k i'll be happy :lol:
  29. haha 22K on SLI thats funny.....

    ill be ritgh their with ya andon48 :D
  30. ^ hey i have a bottleneck! >:E what's your excuse?!
  31. excuse for being so frekin AWESOME?? lol
  32. no. fail. so burn. in your own failure. x)
  33. hahahahaha

    lets get your wattage up to par and then we will clock both your GTX460s to what mine is at i but you will manage a 30K score :D
  34. i think for that i would still need more wattage xD - it's only a 100w difference. I would have looked for something else - but i wanna keep the same psu look ;-;

    plus i like it haha xDD

    but i hope its enough - i don't mind underclocking the cpu back to 3.1ghz again - but i want the performance of the cards to increase lol
  35. yup!!!we established that you deff needed more juice to get your cards going at what they should should make for a very quick system!!!! too bad its going bye bye and being replaced with the better one :D
  36. :lol: i know xD ow i just have to make it look purdy and find someone who might want to buy it.

    Are you by any chance interested? >:3 :lol:
  37. fat chance!!!
  38. so by "fat" you mean alot? so then alot of chance you are interested? :lol: xD
  39. Got the memory up to 2100, Vantage - 18,164. I'm unlocking the voltage in a bit, I,ll keep you updated.
  40. dayyuummm!! i got a new PSU yesterday so i can apply more power!!!!
  41. ^ :lol: yeah YOUR WELCOME

    Dam that's nice Andon
    i sure hope my psu makes a difference xD
  42. f you hit 18,400+ its past the GTX480!!!! let me know how the voltage unlocking goes!!!
  43. Question, 18400 on high? or 18400 on Performance? Because my 5850 OC'd can hit 18125 on performance
  44. im running mine on performance mode
  45. YES My 5850 is OC'd to practically a 480 performance. That is a win in my book since my 5850 consumes less power and runs cooler.
  46. you mean like this score i just got on my GTX460 :lol:

    click on the pic

  47. Lol I could push my 5850 further, I just don't want to go through perfecting the OC XD I mean the old references, dayumm they got voltage unlocks all the way up man. I just don't want to push it any further XD
  48. i bet that mine can still be pushed further...i mean i only saw a max temp of 80*C with the MSI Kombustor running at 98-99% use for about an hour :lol:
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