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Let me be clear to start with, "I don't overclock or have I never over clocked" Thanks. After a battle with a rogue program that had shut all exe files from starting and even cause a blue screen, i decided to format and start over. I formatted the drive last night and today I decided to load XP, when I started the pc I go a warning that overclocking failed and it was going back to default bios. After that I started loading XP and about half way into the process it froze. I rebooted and I don't get nothing, no video, just like a dead motherboard. Could this trojan virus or roque program cause this to happen with the overclocking? Thanks
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    Could this trojan virus or roque program cause this to happen with the overclocking?
    Not likely as it's been removed from your system when the hard disk was formatted. Power off the PSU (or disconnect the PC), reset the CMOS and the system should POST. That overclock failure message usually is caused by a hardware fault, e.g., memory error, CPU error, etc. It basically indicates that the last attempt to POST was not successful.
  2. Well the final conclusion is the motherboard just died. After the xp install froze I rebooted and get nothing. I tested the power supply, replaced the power supply , removed the memory and replaced with new memory, replaced the cmos battery,removed everything from the board that wasn't needed to run,changed video cards, no luck. I called MSI and they agreed the board died ( Really Strange ). I have never seen that before and hope I never see that again. The board in still in warranty and I received a RMA number with in an hour, as a matter of fact I got to talk to a tech in 8 minutes. Thanks
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