"Active Partition Recovery" - problems with Recover-function

Hi dear experts ;-)

excuse my bad English, I'm from Germany, I hope I can make myself understood...

My problem:

- I use(d) the Program "Active Partition Recovery" ( v.5) to recover a RAID 0 (976 GB, = two "dynamic" 500-GB disks).

- It has (had) 3 partitions. Unfortunately I formatted the Disk (fast-mode).

- I addes/fixed 2 new HDs (500 GB each) to be able to save the recovered partions and installed 3 partitons of the same original sizes (J: - K: - L: )

- To recover the partitions I used the program "Active Partition Recovery"
First I did a "Superscan" (took a very long time, 2 days and nights)
Result: It recognized the lost 3 partition (state: "good")a

- Then I saved the Superscan and tried the "Recover"- function, but the
programm always suggests drive letters of drives (e.g. M: and others N., O:, etc), however there is no drive M : !!

It then says:
Device Type is not supported"
"Disk has no MBR, or Sector Size is invalid, or Media Type is not
supported (CD-ROM, Floppy, Remote, etc).
"Supported only Fixed and Removable disk media types"

- Why doesn't it use my new disks/partitions/drives (J: - or K: - or L: ) ???

- Problem: I did the Superscan successfully, but find no way to recover
the partitions....

Anybody here who can help???.....
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  1. It sounds like you used the demo version, which will find your partitions, folders, and files, but will not recover everything unless you pay for the program.

    I used TestDisk to recover a deleted RAID 1 volume two weeks ago. The program and wiki are in English, and I do not know if you can translate it to German. TestDisk will find recoverable partitions, folders, and files, and will rebuild the partition tables and MBR. Please read the wiki before you start the process.
  2. Thanks treefrog07 for your help!
    I'll try Testdisk (although my version doesn't seem to be demo, the superscan results can be saved)!
    I'm off for the weekend, so I will start on that job Monday, get it from somewhere and let you know, how it worked!!
  3. You're welcome. The red-font in my post is the link to the wiki and download page. I tried Active Parition Recovery and a couple of others (I'd have to look up the names). I got to a point to either rebuild the MBR, Partition Tables or recover the files, and each said I would Have to buy the software to do more than save a 1 MB file. TesDisk rebuilt the Partition Table, restored the MBR from the backup MBR (in NTFS), and restored all my folders and files - all at no charge.
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