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I've just bought and received a new Nvidia Geforce 9400GT from Ebay, and am having a few porblems. On inserting the card, everything seemed fince, the Pc started up using windows VGA so that i could install the drivers and I did just that using the enclosed disc. Having restarted the computer I got a message telling me to reinstall or update the drivers and program. I checked the device manager and found that the computer could only see the standard VGA driver - not good. So I used GPU-Z, which told me that I only had the VGA going, but that said VGA adapter had 1024MBs of memory, and the same figures as my new card. What is going on here? I can't seem to do anything that my new card is supposed to let me do. Help!
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  1. Ok, let`s start from scratch.
    Set a restore point.
    Download the latest WHQL drivers from Nvidia.
    Download and install the freebie Drivercleaner.
    Uninstall all your current and possibly previous video drivers, restart and use Drivercleaner to sweep the system of all remaining driver components.
    Restart and install the new drivers you downloaded.
    Let us know what happens next, because a lot of video problems are caused by the drivers, either getting corrupted or, most commonly, the uninstall program just fails to do its job properly leaving odd bits behind that mess up any new installation attempted.
  2. Should I restore back to a point before I even got the card?
  3. Oh and where do I find drivercleaner? I've used the top link on google but this is not a free product.
  4. If possible, yes set the restore point `backdated`, if not set it for the current time, it`s just a safety measure in case something else goes wrong.
    Perhaps they`ve changed the site, I`m sure there was a free download;(
    Try Driver Sweeper instead; That is free. Use it in Safe Mode after you`ve uninstalled your current drivers.
  5. I missed your last post before restarting, so I haven't used driver sweeper or anything. I am now installing the new WHQL drivers. Fingers crossed.
  6. Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT is detected and working properly. Must have corrupted the drivers or something. Thanks very much indeed.
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